Whole Grains and soy
Now get the benefits of soy and whole grains in one innovative flour. Cedar Falls, Iowa-based Kerry Americas’ new soy flour from Nutriant meets the American Association of Cereal Chemists International’s definition of a whole grain. Available in full-fat and reduced-fat versions, the soy flour contains 80% more dietary fiber than whole wheat. The soy flour delivers a nutty or almost peanutty-type flavor, but it is also virtually undetectable when used to replace up to 15% to 20% of wheat flour. The flour can be used in bread, snack bars and even in extruded chips. 1-800-648-3503.

Marvelous MaizeWise
Cargill Dry Ingredients (DCI), a business unit of Cargill, introduces its new MaizeWise, a line of whole-grain corn and corn-bran products. The new line includes three whole-grain corn and two corn-bran products suitable for use in baked goods applications such as bread, tortillas, taco shells and extruded snacks. MaizeWise whole-grain corn products can function as a replacement for existing corn meal, masa or corn flours to mesh with the Food and Drug Administration-approved whole-grain claim. It can also be blended with other ingredients. 1-952-742-7393.

Sinful Cinnamon
Wilbur Chocolate, a business unit of Cargill, unveils a cinnamon drop that is ideal for baking applications, and offers zero grams of trans fat per serving while bringing full-bodied, robust cinnamon flavor to batter systems for baked goods. When used in baking applications, the drop either melts or holds its shape, remaining visible as a chip. 1-800-233-0139.

Life is Sursweet
Sursweet by Technical Oil Products, Inc. is a uniquely formulated, patent-pending, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate sugar substitute that can be easily incorporated into many baked goods formulations. Its gelled structure offers various benefits, such as increasing moisture retention. Sursweet is available in two varieties: Sursweet D600 is a dry powder that contains non-digestible dietary fiber, increases water binding and is rapidly dispersed in water. In addition, this ingredient is 600 times sweeter than granulated sugar. It’s also heat and acid stable. Sursweet D4D is used at 25% the rate of granulated sugar and improves the body, texture and mouthfeel of various products. 1-973-335-0300.

Rely on Citri-Fi
Fiberstar, Inc. developed a unique, patented, all-natural food fiber made from fresh citrus pulp. Citri-Fi mimics shortening and functions like a fat and transforms the properties of baked goods when added to existing formulas. Citri-Fi reduces both trans and saturated fats, cuts calories and net carbs, adds dietary fiber, expands shelf life the natural way, and most importantly, does not compromise taste. Citri-Fi is a moisture management tool, and has the ability to attract, bind and manage high levels of water up to 12 times its weight. All in all, Citri-Fi helps to produce a product that is equal or better in volume, that has better mouthfeel, and a moist, soft texture. 1-320-231-1829. 
Aqualon AeroWhip
AeroWhip solutions from Aqualon, a business unit of Hercules Incorporated, are cellulosics created for the global dairy and non-dairy whipped topping industry. With AeroWhip solutions, well-defined decorative shapes can be created that have superior stiffness and stability for over a week in refrigerated storage. Whipped-topping producers can achieve up to 40% greater stiffness when using AeroWhip solutions in their existing formulations. The ingredients allow for the development of reduced fat as well as full fat whipping creams with excellent foam properties. AeroWhip solutions have been optimized to perform synergistically with current emulsification and stabilization systems, so formulators can select the product that works best for them. 1-800-345-0447.

Top-Notch Terri Lynn
Versatility is key for Terri Lynn Inc. A natural plus for dairy, bakery and confectionery products, the company can help manufacturers match individual needs with a wide variety of food types and sizes, as well as consistent quality. Giving manufacturers a premium ingredient to fit specific formulations, Terri Lynn Inc. can also ship truckloads in a single day from its locations. 1-800-323-0775.

Outstanding Oil
Loders Croklaan introduces Durkex NT 100 high stability oil, the ideal no trans solution for spray oil needs. It is a no trans, non-hydrogenated liquid oil that combines high stability with a low solids profile to deliver the specific functionality required from spray oil. It is ideal for use as a flavor carrier, an anti-dusting agent for seasonings, spices or any powder, as well as a coating for nuts. 1-800-621-4710.

Mighty Morsels
Nestlé offers morsels, miniatures and candy inclusions/toppings for manufacturers. Nestlé morsels include Toll House Chunks, white morsels, milk chocolate and peanut morsels and more for baking. Nestlé miniatures are perfect for snack packs. Favorite Nestlé candy inclusions and toppings are available in pieces for use in snack, baking and ice cream products. 1-866-429-5371.

Wonderful Wheat
FP 600, a specialty wheat protein from MGP Ingredients helps create softer, more pliable flour tortillas. The addition of the protein to a moderate flour significantly improves the shelf-life stability of flour tortillas. Tortillas containing this unique wheat protein remain soft for 20 to 24 days. Also, it enhances gluten performance in weak and moderate flours while allowing the dough to be extensible.  1-800-255-0302.

Cheese Please
Edlong Dairy Flavors introduces new cheesy flavors, suitable for bakery applications like crackers, biscuits, cookies and pound cake. #2406 WONF powder has a yeasty, savory taste and creamy Parmesan notes. #2417 liquid is a creamy, buttery Parmesan concoction that is oil soluble and kosher parve. #2631 powder is another Parmesan flavor with fatty, meaty notes, is part of the Vision family and is an ED-Vance non-genetically engineered flavor. #2940 WONF powder has a mild buttermilk flavor with sweet and soapy dairy notes, is water dispersible and is kosher dairy. #3249 liquid has a sweet, creamy butter flavor with lots of dairy notes. #3268 emulsion is a well-rounded, building-block flavor with strong dairy, fatty and butyric notes and can be used as a cheese enhancer. 1-888-MY-TASTE.

Singin’ the Blues
Blue Chip Organic from Minsa is blue organic corn processed into stoneground, corn masa flour, and is characterized by a medium-fine grind. It has a trace of lime and no additives. Shelf life of the product is four months and its flavor and odor are typical of corn. The flour is designed for the in-line production of tortilla chips, and it’s neutral pH controls blistering. 1-800-852-8291.

Ingredient Invasion
ADM Specialty Food Ingredients offers more than 500 high-quality ingredients. Its new baking booklet focuses on the baking industry across a wide range of products and processes. Covering everything from services to applications, cakes to cookies, snacks to cereals, pizza to pie crusts and more, this booklet provides the answers bakers are looking for. Learn more about industry challenges like carb-counting and trans fat watching to information about R&D resources listed by industry. 1-866-545-8200.

Egg-ceptional Eggs
New from the American Egg Board is a booklet entitled “Egg Products Reference Guide.” This guide is filled with exciting egg information from egg nutrient values to egg vitamins to eggs as nutraceuticals to refrigerated egg products. Typical egg specifications, functions and issues also are addressed, making this booklet a must-use, must-read for consumers who want to know what eggs can do for them. 1-877-488-6143.