Cutting edge

Rademaker Laminators have a reputation for the highest quality. Whether fully or semi-automatic, installations for puff pastry and yeast doughs are based on the latest techniques and technology including full PLC control if required. Variables such as capacities, working widths and number of layers are carried out with customer needs in mind. Rademaker Laminators can be combined with other Rademaker systems including dough-handling equipment, make-up systems and croissant machinery. 1-330-650-2345.

Reiser’s Vemag line of bakery equipment is ideal for all types of cookie depositing. The line offers two models, the Vemag 500 and the HP series, which have the capacity to meet any production level. The Vemag 500 includes features such as a small footprint, efficient sanitation and quick changeover of inserts for changing cookie shapes. The Vemag HP series is powerful machine capable of multi-lane depositing onto baking pans or directly onto oven belts. Both models offer Vemag double-screw technology, which ensures gentle product handling and portioning accuracy. Additionally, both models are ideal for depositing gourmet cookie dough with large chunks of chocolate, fruits and nuts due to their hand-scooped look coupled with outstanding particle definition. 1-781-821-1290. Or, call Reiser Canada at 1-905-631-6611.

New Servo Twist Tyer from Burford provides a practical and economical solution for bagging needs. This model offers a package recognition system, automatic timing and quick and easy threading. User friendly and durable, the system can seal 100 bpm, has no lubrication requirements and has been named the #1 preferred closure system among consumers. 1-800-654-4530.