SFA’s 2005 Halloween Snack Display Contest Winners

Snack Food Association announces the winners of its 2005 Halloween Snack Display Contest, designed to help member companies promote their products during the Halloween sales season.
Nearly 300 entries were submitted, and our panel of judges said their decisions were extremely difficult due to the excellence of the displays presented.
“The quality of the displays was absolutely outstanding,” said one of the judges, Robert Pignato, vice president of marketing and industry affairs at the American Wholesale Marketers Association (AWMA). “Everybody did a great job of being creative with their displays, and that brought a lot of excitement. It made our job tougher, though, in deciding which ones to select.”
SFA President Jim McCarthy said the contest is an important way to generate excitement about snack foods during the Halloween selling season, which provide a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers and retailers alike.  
“We’re delighted with the success of this year’s contest, and congratulate everyone who participated for a job well done,” he said.
Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners. Entries consisted of snack displays featured in retail stores during October and were required to be submitted by a SFA member-employee.
Large Bag Potato Chips — Small Display
1st Place — Ray Baller, Route Sales Person, Herr Foods
2nd Place — Brian Telindert, Route Sales Representative, Frito-Lay, Inc.
3rd Place — Michael Waight, Route Sales, Golden Flake Snack Foods

Honorable Mentions:
Joseph Ribaudo Division Sales Manager Fairchester Snacks
Chad Christel Route Businessman Frito-Lay, Inc.
Joyce E. Dewey Route Sales Frito-Lay, Inc.
Tom Dear Salesman Golden Flake Snack Foods
Jack Z. Mitchell DSM 177 Golden Flake Snack Foods
Greg Pearl Salesman Golden Flake Snack Foods
Terry Demuesy Route Salesman Shearer’s Foods
Debbie McKinley Route Sales Snyder’s of Berlin
Randy Serfass Route Driver UTZ Quality Foods
Jerry Clutter Route Salesman Shearer’s Foods

Multipack/Single Serve
1st Place — Jonathan Steirer, Route Salesman, Snyder’s of Hanover
2nd Place — Theresa Threadgill, Route Salesperson, Golden Flake Snack Foods
3rd Place — James Vrabel, Route Salesman, Herr Foods

Honorable Mentions:
Timothy McDowell District Sales Manager C.J. Vitner Co.
Joe Korczynski Division Manager Fairchester Snacks
Rick Cappellino Route Salesman Frito-Lay, Inc.
Robin Baldwin Regional Manager Golden Flake Snack Foods
Todd Centafano Route Salesman Herr Foods
Michelle Gerhardstein Regional Manager Herr Foods
Jennifer Clark Sales Analyst for Route Sales Snyder’s of Berlin
James Criswell Route Salesman Snyder’s of Berlin
Mark Kuhn Owner/Operator Troyer Farms
Thomas Lyons Route Sales Person UTZ Quality Foods

Large Bag Potato Chips-Large Display
1st Place — Mike Vincent, Salesman, Golden Flake Snack Foods
2nd Place — Joseph A. Clabaugh III, Asst. District Sales Manager, Martin’s Potato Chips
3rd Place — Dan Kessler, Route Salesman, Shearer’s Foods

Honorable Mentions:
Chris Garcia Promotional Coordinator Fairchester Snacks
Jon Helbing / Route Sales Frito-Lay, Inc.Darcey Decker Representative (RSR)
Randy Wanigger Sales Frito-Lay , Inc.
James Overy / RSR & Swing Frito-Lay , Inc.Darcey Decker
Michael Waight Route Salesman Golden Flake Snack Foods
Lauren Tedesco Marketing Analyst Shearer’s Foods
Mark Kuhn Owner/Operator Troyer Farms
Patrick McAndrew Supervisor Troyer Farms
Bob Wolfe District Manager UTZ Quality Foods
Brent Scott Zockoll Route Salesman UTZ Quality Foods

All Snacks
1st Place — John Hopy Jr., District Sales Manager, Snyder’s of Berlin
2nd Place — Dan Goddard, District Sales Leader, Frito-Lay, Inc.
3rd Place — William Vogel, Route Sales Person, UTZ Quality Foods

Honorable Mentions:
Tim McDowell District Sales Manager C.J. Vitner Co.
Jamie Haagenson Route Sales Representative Frito-Lay, Inc.
Jeffrey Hofmann Key Account Manager Frito-Lay, Inc.
Thomas Ketelsen Key Account Manager Frito-Lay, Inc.
Kevin E. Parks Route Sales Golden Flake Snack Foods
Tony Vargas Route Salesman Golden Flake Snack Foods
Valdemar Burdman Sales Representative Snyder’s of Hanover
Alejandro Rodriguez Sales Representative Snyder’s of Hanover
Jason Esh Distributor Troyer Farms
Mark Kaiser Account Manager Snyder’s of Hanover