A Bar is Born
Who says nutrition bars are just for adults? As any kid would say, that’s not fair! Enter Clif Bar, Inc. The Berkeley, Calif.-based company recently introduced a specially formulated line for kids called Clif ZBaRs. Available in three kid-friendly flavors — caramel apple, peanut butter and chocolate chip — the bars are made with whole grains, 12 vitamins and minerals and without high-fructose corn syrup. Clif ZBaRs also is the first – but hopefully not the last — product to comply with California’s childhood obesity legislation, SB-19. If passed, the state senate bill will set strict nutrition guidelines for California’s schools. Visit www.clifbar.com for more product information.
Just Their Size
Snack cakes are a favorite after-school and lunchtime staple for kids and adults alike. Now, George Weston’s Entenmann’s brand is solidifying the cakes’ status in the lunchbox — and proving that big things do come in small packages — with the introduction of Enten-mini’s. The three Enten-mini’s offerings are not only sweet favorites, but they’re individually wrapped in sizes that are just right for tykes, so there will be no fights over having to share the tasty treats. The product lineup currently includes Brownie Frosters, Roundabouts and Chocolate 1/2 Rounds. Go to www.entenmanns.com for a look at other pint-sized products.
Kracker Packs
An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but Dr. Kracker’s new line of baked children’s snacks is a tastier alternative for today’s finicky kids. The health-conscious brand now is serving up its popular organic flatbread crackers in convenient 2-oz. snack packs. Every box contains six individually wrapped packages of three crackers each. Varieties include the Veggie Spelt Kracker toddler biscuit, made with flax, quinoa seeds and organic vegetables; and the Krispy Graham Kracker, which is lightly dusted with organic raw sugar and cinnamon. The 100% whole grain offerings come in fun, colorful boxes with handles perfectly sized for small hands. For parents looking to give their little ones healthier eats, they’re just what the doctor ordered. Additional krackers can be found at www.drkracker.com.
Edible Organics
If you thought getting children to eat healthy was tough, try getting them to eat organic. Yuck! However, a new company, Bethesda, Md.-based Snikiddy LLC, is challenging that reaction with a new line of organic snacks designed with the taste preferences and nutritional needs of kids in mind. The bite-size, savory and sweet Snikiddy PizzaPiePuffs, ChocolateChippers and BananaNibbles are made from ingredients that are free from pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and refinement … and all other types of scary stuff. Aimed at children ages 2-12, Snikiddy snacks are packaged with fun activities to promote physical and mental wellness. See www.snikiddy.com for full details.
Editor’s Note
Today’s “after-school snacks” go beyond mere milk and cookies. Products of all flavors, portions and nutritional profiles now compete for attention from kids, as well as their parents. In this new section, we check out the latest items for young snackers, including healthful and organic offerings. With nationwide concern over childhood obesity at an all-time high, America needs to examine just what kids are, could and should be eating … before, during and after that final school bell rings.
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