AMF Bakery Systems has completed its acquisition of Tromp Bakery Equipment B.V. and affiliated entities (“Tromp”), a global supplier of baking equipment based in Gorinchem, The Netherlands ( Tromp designs and manufactures sheeting lines for pie, pizza, pastry and bread bakers worldwide.

"We are excited to join forces with Tromp," stated Ken Newsome, president of AMF. "They have an excellent reputation for quality and innovation in the growing market of pies, pizza, pastries and other specialty items. Additionally, as industrial bakers explore sheeting as part of their approach to bread make up, this gives us leading edge technology to help our traditional AMF customers. This strategic addition enables us to leverage our position as a global leader in high-speed bread and bun bakery systems and expand our offering into the specialty bakery sector."

Bas Tromp, founder of Tromp, will continue as president. "As I considered slowing down and thought about the future of my company, I wanted a place that would build on what we have accomplished,” he says. “AMF and their affiliation with Markel makes them a unique organization that will best serve our customers and the people who helped build this company. We have very similar values when it comes to innovation, taking care of our people, and especially taking care of our customers.”

"Bas Tromp has built a great business based on providing innovative solutions to bakers producing sheeted and laminated products, and we are grateful to have such a leading edge company join the AMF and Markel family,” Newsome adds.

Tromp worked with Den Boer and Vanderpol Baking Systems to form the Tromp Bakery Group. Although neither of these companies is included in this transaction, the group will continue to provide integrated bakery solutions into the future. Likewise, Tromp USA will continue to represent the company in the United States.