The Independent Bakers Association (IBA), in collaboration with the Coalition for Sugar Reform, narrowly lost passage of the Sugar Reform Amendment in the House of Representatives. In a July 9 press release, IBA says the failure of the 2013 Farm Bill will give the organizations another opportunity to gain the additional votes needed to reform the federal subsidy, which reportedly costs businesses and taxpayers $3.5 billion annually.

“The value of our efforts is now exponential as the House of Representatives is considering a radical change for the farm bill: splitting the commodity portion from the supplemental nutrition elements and solidifying the legislation as permanent law,” the press release continues. “Solidifying as law the farm commodities portion of the bill eliminates the past format of a five-year farm bill cycle. Congress would no longer review farming subsidies or commodities every five years.

“Cementing the farm bill this year also precludes an opportunity for sugar reform. IBA is pursuing social media campaigns to inform and motivate consumers and businesses about the value of the Sugar Reform Amendment and how to share their concern with Congress. In addition to a social media campaign, we are orchestrating traditional media outreach with local newspapers and individually contacting members of Congress.”

IBA invites industry members to share their concerns about the Farm Bill and Sugar Reform Amendment with the association. Contact IBA at or visit