Company: Azteca Foods Inc., Chicago


Introduced: July

Azteca Foods No Preservative Snack Tortillas

Distribution: National (select grocery retailers)

Suggested Retail: $1.99-$3.79 for a 8.5- to 14.1-oz. bag

Product Snapshot: Azteca Foods’ No Preservative flour tortillas are part of the company’s new platform of healthier-for-you products. No Preservative tortilla comes in four sizes: Fajita (10 tortillas per 8.5-oz. bag); supersize taco (10 tortillas per 14.1-oz. bag); burrito (eight tortillas per 14-oz. bag); and snack (14 tortillas per 9.38-oz. bag). They contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavors.