Company: Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

Packaging Snapshot: Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics recently released two new innovations: SYMBIEX Solventless adhesives and ADCOTE HP Solvent-Borne adhesives. 

SchurStar Systems is the first company to commercially install Nordmeccanica’s Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line, which runs SYMBIEX Solventless Adhesives, Dow’s revolutionary laminating adhesives technology, for packaging production. SYMBIEX combines Dow’s adhesive expertise with Nordmeccanica’s machine pioneering to meet growing industry demand for shorter runs, sustainability, faster time to market and flexible performance.

SchurStar recently became the first company to commercially install and use Nordmeccanica’s machinery combined with SYMBIEX. They will use the laminating technology to manufacture flexible packaging for applications such as ready-meals packaging, sachets, portion packs and pouches and snack packaging. Schur®Star’s installation of the Nordmeccanica machinery provides market verification of the technology’s advancements for solventless adhesives, such as:

  • Shorter time to market: Forms packages in less than a day, compared to the 3-5 day industry standard
  • Improved production efficiency: Combines fast curing with outstanding pot life
  • Lower cost-in-use: Reduces machine downtime because of easy cleaning
  • Sustainability benefits: Reduced energy consumption and bonding with no VOCs or adhesive scrap

ADCOTE HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives for packaging and industrial applications are BPA free, Ortho-Phthalate free, has a long pot life and enables customers to run solvent based adhesives at 50 percent or more solids while achieving good green bond. ADCOTE HP adhesives demonstrate excellent green bond for foil and high slip films with >250 g/inch and no decrease in bond performance over time. The adhesives passed both boil-in-bag and heat aging tests with no defects observed, and maintained more than 800 g/inch bond after the tests.

ADCOTE HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives also enhance sustainability, food safety, durability, reliability and offer superior product resistance and temperature resistance.

ADCOTE HP adhesives help converters and brand owners meet strong regulatory compliance restrictions:

  • Free of BPA and BPA Epoxy
  • Free of Ortho-Phthalic Acid Based Polyester
  • FDA 177.1395 Condition B through H (all food types)
  • PAA less than 2 ppb after Room Temperature 3 Day Cure

ADCOTE HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives are suitable for a variety of food packaging applications, including snacks.