Company: Flair


Packaging Snapshot: Flair recently introduced the newest members of its PLATiNUM line of thermoforming films. The products of extensive research and technical engineering, Flair has developed innovative combinations of formulation and production technologies to enhance the features needed to ensure the greatest protection and most engaging presentation of products for retail and commercial applications.

Flair’s new forming films’ advantages arise from uniquely tailored production methods. Flair’s PLATiNUM EC is produced using an optimized cast extrusion process that imparts minimal stretching in production, resulting in improved gauge (thickness) consistency and exceptional formability especially in deep-draw processes. PLATiNUM EB forming film combines water-quenching and blown extrusion technologies to yield a uniquely enhanced puncture resistance, high clarity, and outstanding sealing properties. Blown film extrusion also provides enhanced formability suitable for a range of pocket depths and sizes.

Complementing their packaging counterpart, Flair’s coextruded and laminated non-forming films provide outstanding machinability and exceptional resilience that result in smooth clean cutting and remarkable resistance to wrinkling. Additionally, excellent hot-tack properties and ability to seal through contaminants create reliable primary and secondary seals, while extraordinary product contact clarity and optical properties enhance finished product appearance and shelf-appeal.