Company: 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.


Introduced: May 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: Varies

Product Snapshot: The Popcorn Factory recently released several tins for Father's Day.

The tins include:

  • Father's Day Popcorn Tins ($34.99-$39.99) - Dad deserves a day of rest and the special treat of gourmet popcorn for Father's Day in the classic flavors he loves: Butter, Cheese and Caramel. A 2-gallon tin contains 32 cups of popcorn. For just $5 more, get 24 more cups when you order a 3.5-gallon tin (total of 56 cups of popcorn).  
  • The Man Can Popcorn Tin ($39.99) - Don't forget the popcorn, the totally awesome snack for man caves everywhere! This 3-flavor tin is filled with three best-selling flavors: Butter, Cheese and Caramel Popcorn. Filled with 56 cups of popcorn. 
  • The Man Can Tower ($39.99) - Celebrate Dad in a fun way with the Man Can Tower! Each layer is filled to the brim with: Smokehouse Bacon & Cheddar Peanuts, Butter Pecan Cookies, Mini Pretzels, Rainbow Sandwich Cookies, and 3 Popcorn flavors: Butter, Bacon Cheddar and Jalapeño.