Company: ZEGO


Introduced: October 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.49

Product Snapshot: When ZEGO began in 2013, co-founder Colleen Kavanagh set out to create the first allergy-friendly, diabetic safe superfood bar designed to meet all special diet needs and preferences. Today, the B-Corp is launching yet another nutritious Seed+Fruit bar that everyone can enjoy. ZEGO’s Sunflower Date is gluten-free, organic, paleo, kosher and tested for a wide variety of allergens including peanuts, soy, milk and gluten. The test results are available by scanning the QR code on each package. Most importantly, the Sunflower Date bar is delicious!

ZEGO’s Sunflower Date bar has a simple, wholesome recipe that features the “ZEGO Seed Mix” of Sacha Inchi Seed Protein, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds and Poppy Seeds, all carefully chosen to provide nutritional balance for the consumer. The tasty bar offers a robust 6g of crushed seed protein (no enzymes or chemicals used), 500mg of omega 3 fatty acids and 4g of fiber. This bar recipe is ZEGO’s most simple and mild, yet the sunflower butter and dates give it a complex flavor. The seeds add a nice crunchy texture. The SRP for each 1.3 oz bar is $2.49, and its available at hundreds of stores where other ZEGO foods are sold, and online at ZEGO stands for Zest on the Go. Sunflower Date is fantastic with coffee or tea and a banana for breakfast or straight out of the box into a backpack. And, because it is designed to be easy to digest, it is ideal for before a workout or even in the middle of a marathon.

The goal of ZEGO is to provide peace of mind. “When we started, there were no companies making nutrient-dense convenience foods that met the needs of people with more than one or two of the most common dietary restrictions,” says CEO Colleen Kavanaugh. “There also were no companies going the extra step in allergen and gluten safety – testing all their batches and providing the test data to consumers,” she added. “We test every batch for cross contact as part of our Z-Code Food Safety System to provide worry-free snacks,” says Kavanagh. Using a smart phone or tablet, anyone can scan the QR code on the Sunflower Date bar package to access the test results, or they can view it on the company’s website.

You don’t need to have a food sensitivity to benefit from ZEGO’s great nutrition or natural taste. The sunflower, chia, poppy and sacha inchi seeds provide “complete” protein (22 amino acids). The sacha inchi protein is pressed, not processed with chemicals or enzymes. The bar is high in naturally occurring fiber and low-glycemic, making it a great choice for anyone watching their blood sugar (Including diabetics). ZEGO uses sorghum syrup for additional sweetening, which is a low fructose, less processed sweetener that retains its trace minerals.