ProcessPro, ERP software solution company, is pleased to announce the successful upgrade implementations of their ERP solution with food manufacturer Red Monkey Foods, personal care contract manufacturer Lifetech Resources and specialty chemical companies ProActive Solutions USA and Seacole.

ProcessPro clients continue to see value in their ERP solution and will be taking advantage of the key advancements within the upgraded release of ProcessPro Premier 10.8. Many application enhancements were designed to place more power and flexibility in the end-users’ hands, leading to an overall improved user experience and increased efficiencies across the clients’ organizations. “Our clients’ commitment to reinvest in their ProcessPro solution was a decision based not only on the enhancements of software but also on the high level of technical support they receive, the staff of industry experts backing the solution and the future of ProcessPro and Open Systems, Inc.,” stated Molly Caron, director of delivery services.

ProcessPro is a leading ERP solution for food and beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care and cannabis manufacturers because it addresses many industry-specific requirements that help organizations remain competitive in their ever-changing marketplaces. The ProcessPro software manages the critical needs of batch processors in one comprehensive solution that includes full forward and backward lot traceability and management of complex formulas and recipes. ProcessPro’s fully integrated ERP solution also provides research and development functionality, along with regulatory compliance and reporting. Through the reduction of manual processes and elimination of duplicate work, ProcessPro supports the increased accuracy and optimization of their clients’ manufacturing operations and data.

The clients’ software upgrades provide them a continued return on their ERP software investment with real-time visibility of sales, manufacturing and inventory to aid in their data-driven decision making and streamlined business processes. “We value our strong partnerships with our clients and are committed to supporting their success with every release of our software,” Caron stated.