Company: Beanitos Inc.


Introduced: January 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49

Product Snapshot: Beanitos kicks off the year with a new bean chip line that uses a new recipe based on whole beans sourced directly from American farmers. The new, lighter textured bean chips are crispier, more flavorful and more nutritious. Beanitos now have one of the highest nutritional profiles of any salty snacks on the market, delivering 5 grams plant-based protein per serving (a full 25 percent more protein per serving than before), 4 grams of fiber per serving, antioxidants and loads of nutritional goodness.

Since launching its bean-based snacks in 2010, the company has become a leader in better-for-you chips and snacks. The company has redesigned its packaging to celebrate the nutritional value of beans, American bean farmers, and beans as a sustainable crop. Beanitos is always corn-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, Non-GMO Project-verified, and certified Kosher.

“Consumers continue to seek convenient, better-for-you snacks to enjoy at work, on-the-go and in school lunchboxes,” says Giannella Alvarez, Beanitos CEO. “Our new from-the-farm Beanitos line is mouthwatering and packed with great nutrition, giving smart-snackers tons of crispy flavor, protein, fiber and antioxidants.  Beanitos is a superfood snack – good for you, your family and the environment.” 

Beanitos are made from whole black, pinto or white beans, sourced from farmers in Nebraska, Michigan, North Dakota and Colorado. Bean farming consumes less water, produces no methane and provides more nutrients per acre compared to raising meat proteins. Beans improve overall soil health by returning nitrogen to the earth as they grow.

“We are focused on celebrating the goodness of beans and transforming the humble bean into a culinary hero of goodness for people and the planet,” says Paige Jones, chief marketing officer of Beanitos. “The new packaging is designed to clearly and cleanly communicate the nutritional and environmental benefits of our bean-based snacks and the wide flavor variety to satisfy our demanding smart snacker.”

Beanitos bean chips come in these varieties:

The Classics Line:

  • Original OMG Sea Salt Black Bean Chips -- mild, sweet and salty
  • Restaurant Style White Bean Chips – delicate with notes of nuts
  • Pinto Sea Salt Pinto Bean Chips – earthy and savory

The Flavors Line:

  • Nacho Nation White Bean Chips – melted cheeses and tangy tomato
  • Hint of Lime White Bean Chips – freshly squeezed lime
  • Party at the Ranch White Bean Chips – buttermilk, herbs and roasted garlic
  • Sweet Chili and Sour Cream White Bean Chips – sweet onion, chili and cream
  • Red Hot Cajun White Bean Chips – savory and sweet heat
  • Chipotle BBQ White Bean Chips – smoky caramel with a hint of tomato

The Crunch Line:

  • Mac N’ Cheese Baked Bean Crunch – melted cheddar, cream and tang
  • Jalapeño Con Queso Baked Bean Crunch – melted cheddar, cream, jalapeño heat and tang
  • Tangy Texas BBQ Baked Bean Crunch – smoky caramel and tangy tomato
  • Fuego N’ Lime Baked Bean Crunch – chili heat and lime tangy


Beanitos is available nationwide in the chip and the better-for-you and salty-snack aisles in natural and mass-market grocers and on