Company: Conagra Brands

Introduced: November 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $26.16 (pack of 24 sticks)

Product Snapshot: Inspired by the Slim Jim social media community, these Limited Edition Slim Jim Long Boi Gang sticks are built to meet and exceed the standard of excellence established by the Long Boi Gang, Slim Jim’s loyal and passionate community of fans.

They are available on Amazon for a suggested retail price of $26.16 for a pack of 24.

In addition, America's favorite snack company Slim Jim has teamed up with clothing company Tipsy Elves to create a first-ever apparel collection for the Long Boi Gang - the high energy, meme-loving fan club fueling Slim Jim's Instagram engagement. This apparel collection comes just in time for the holidays, and fans of the brand can find snacking success by pairing this gear with a limited-edition Slim Jim Giant Long Boi Gang Meat Stick.