Company: CAVU Group

Technology Snapshot: CAVU Group, a provider of thermal management and temperature monitoring solutions, recently announced enhancements to its CAVU Hub platform. CAVU Hub is a cloud-based portal that digitally tracks, manages, and distributes information, in real time, for temperature-sensitive shipments throughout the extended supply chain.

This latest release boasts several significant enhancements including a custom user dashboard, e-mail/SMS notification, and the ability to compare and analyze performance data.

The custom User Dashboard provides stakeholders with on-demand data associated with all shipments in transit throughout the supply chain. Digital tracking analytics include:

  •    Temperature Excursions
  •    Map Displaying Routes
  •    Low Battery Maintenance Reports
  •    List of Deployed Profiles

SMS Notification provides email and SMS messaging alerts when critical data is uploaded to the Hub. These notifications provide the information for timely and accurate responses to changing conditions.

The CAVU Hub Compare feature associates and displays data allowing users to compare the performance of shipments.  Armed with this information, users are better able to improve the delivery of temperature-sensitive products to reduce recalls and similar costs.

CAVU Hub is packaged for the specific needs and budget of each user. Modules include: 

  • CAVU Hub: With e-mail notifications, unlimited users and uploads, CAVU Hub is perfect for companies simply wishing to upload and store temperature and/or humidity data.
  • CAVU Hub Analytics: This package provides dashboard metrics for excursions, routes, maintenance, and deployed profiles.  Users also receive the ability to compare data, 200 monthly SMS notifications, and the ability to maintain two years of data.
  • Hub and Spoke Analytics: Our most comprehensive package is perfect for companies with a number of stakeholders extracting data in multiple locations throughout the supply chain. This solution offers the ability to manage supply chain data, 400 monthly SMS notifications, and the ability to maintain three years of data.

Contact CAVU Group for full pricing details.