To identify and resolve packaging equipment issues quickly and in a COVID-19-safe manner, R.A Jones is offering remote assistance capabilities for customers across markets. Through a suite of cloud-based services and designated service staff, manufacturers can reach faster diagnosis and receive real-time support with greater cost- and time-savings than a traditional on-site visit.

Built around a PLC interface and high-quality audio, a live video feed and file-serving features, R.A Jones’ remote assistance support allows machine operators to connect with experts and troubleshoot errors and interruptions on-demand. If operators encounter any issues with equipment, they simply engage with skilled technicians via smart phone, tablet or laptop to troubleshoot the source of the problem and work to find a solution.

Utilizing the IT platform and hardware allows manufacturers to benefit from R.A Jones’ technical expertise and find resolution efficiently, reducing downtime and minimizing expenses associated with service calls. The remote option cuts unnecessary travel-related costs and expedites the maintenance process, maximizing uptime and productivity, as well as eliminates any concerns around viral spread following the coronavirus outbreak.

“Packaging companies around the world have always relied on our dedicated, talented service technicians to resolve line issues and maintain efficiencies,” said Paul Wolf, director of customer service at R.A Jones. “With our new remote assistance capabilities, this expertise is even more accessible and immediate and will provide critical reassurance in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Our customers can feel confident that any technical issues they encounter will be swiftly and diligently addressed without the health risks or costs that come with in-person service visits, contributing to a healthier, more productive operation.”

Beyond faster diagnosis and safe service from afar, R.A Jones’ new remote assistance capabilities also contribute to workforce development. Serving as the eyes and hands for off-site technical experts allows operators to gain important maintenance knowledge and develop skills they can apply to the manufacturing line moving forward.