American Chocolate Mould Co., Inc.
1401 Church Street, Suite 5
Bohemia, NY, 11716
Tel: 631.589.5080

Ray Cote began his career in the candy / confectionery industry with American Chocolate Mould Co. in the spring of 1992, working together with Frank Friedwald. In 1999, Cote became a partner in the company, eventually taking over full ownership in January 2007 following Friedwald’s retirement.

American Chocolate Mould Co. works in the U.S. and in Canada as a sales agent for some of the finest companies out of Europe, who manufacture machinery, chocolate moulds, aluminum foil and wrapping machinery. The companies represented are as follows:

A.E. Nielsen – Enrobers, cooling tunnels, chocolate moulding lines, tempering machines, melting / mixing  tanks, chocolate pumps, and various support pieces of equipment.

b.v. Vormenfabriek Tilburg – Producers of both injection moulded and vacuum formed polycarbonate chocolate moulds. They also produce a full line of silicone rubber moulds for high boiled sweets, fondant centers, and other sticky, difficult to de-mould products.

Caotech – Manufacturer of cocoa grinding equipment as well as ball mills and other cocoa processing machines.

Carcano Antonio S.p.A. – Manufacturer of aluminum foils, printed, plain, embossed, and supported (paperbacked).

CT Pack – Transport, aligning, in-feeding, flow-wrapping, and robotics used for wrapping and packing chocolates and baked goods.

Ecopack – Producers of paper cups used for the candy and baking industries.

GIMA – Italian producers of wrapping machinery for foiling, twist wrapping, feeding and aligning of chocolate or other types of sweets.