Barnana will be sampling its new product, Organic Plantain Scoops, at Expo West this week, in Booth #5349. 

The Organic Plantain Scoops are launching on now, on Amazon in April, and at Whole Foods in June. The new product will retail for $4.99 per 5-oz. bag. 

Organic Plantain Scoops is Barnana's first Upcycled Certified snack and the only national brand of organic plantain chips made by cooking the plantain with the peel on. The peel creates a natural scoop-like shape and gives Scoops an added boost of fiber (4g per serving) and potassium (8% of DV), making it a snack that's "Powered by the Peel." 

When Barnana cooks the plantains with the peel on, the chip forms a distinctive, natural scoop shape that makes it perfect for dipping or as a snack right out of the bag.

Peels are a significant driver of global food waste, with approximately 3.5 million tons of banana and plantain peels wasted annually. This peel waste creates greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Each bag of Organic Plantain Scoops rescues two plantain peels from the landfill. This waste reduction from including the peel comes on top of making Scoops with more than 50% upcycled, organic plantains.

Barnana's plantain snacks are USDA Organic Certified, non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, and made with 100% coconut oil, unlike other plantain chips that are often cooked in palm oil. The company works with more than 1,400 farmer leaders in the Amazon, fostering organic and regenerative practices that rebuild and restore soil health and biodiversity, and helps its growers by paying 30% more than market rate for their fruit.