For the baker that wants to produce high-quality, hearth-baked products, The WP Bakery Group offers the Werner & Pfleiderer (WP) Matador Deck oven as the oven of choice. In fact, many top quality bakeries in France and Italy use this oven, which also is fondly referred to as the “Werner” deck oven by its users.

The Matador oven comes in 15 different sizes to satisfy the needs of small to large bakeries and includes semi- to fully automated loading options to streamline production and offer versatility. It delivers a heat recovery performance of one minute for every 2.5-3C lost and relies on an exhaust fumes recycling process that provides a proven 30% savings in energy. Specifically, the WP Zyclotherm technology optimizes the channels of the heating gas in front of the oven, which along with extra-thick insulation reduces surface heat loss.

With more than 60,000 installations worldwide, this ergonomically friendly oven that is so popular in Europe is quickly becoming the most loved oven in the U.S. market due to the efforts of Kemper Bakery Systems, the North American subsidiary of WP Bakery Group’s bakery consultant team.

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Editor’s Note: Shelton, Conn.-based Kemper Bakery Systems provided information for this article.