Check out the latest in drop-in replacement belts, conveyor lines, pie shell stackers and other technological advances designed for the snack and bakery industries.

Ashworth’s ExactaStack Drop-in Replacement Belt for self-stacking spirals is available in all widths, tier heights and mesh configurations for both spliced-in sections and complete belt replacements. Adding ExactaStack to any product line provides an easy single-supplier solution for all belting and service requirements.
Ashworth Bros., Inc.
Winchester, Va.

Engineered with 70% open surface area, Wire Belt’s CompactGrid has five times less resistance to flow-through than most plastic modular belts. This U.S. Department of Agriculture-accepted conveyor belt provides optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage and liquid/air circulation are factors. The increased open area of the CompactGrid belt combined with its superior flow-through characteristics allow for more thorough cleaning and sanitation, which is important in food processing facilities where water resource management, minimization of cleaning agents and chemical waste streams have become a paramount issue.
Wire Belt Co. of America
Londonderry, N.H.

Arizona Instrument presents the Computrac MAX 4000XL, which provides the latest in glass-free rapid drying technology. Designed with improved performance and quicker throughput, the MAX 4000XL offers excellent repeatability and correlation to existing methods and has many new features and operator controls. Furthermore, the MAX 4000XL is accurate enough for a laboratory and rugged enough for production environments.
Arizona Instrument LLC
Chandler, Ariz.

Hinds-Bock launched an automatic cup denesting and lid-placing conveyor line, which saves labor by automatically placing containers on the filling conveyor. For added versatility, quick-change magazines are used for rapid changeover from one container to another while low-level sensors notify the operators of the need to reload the denester. Additional features include continuous or intermittent motion conveyors, dual-drive section conveyors for fill and lidding stations, system speeds up to 60 per minute, no container/no fill/no lid system controls, recipe controls for multiple container set-up, depositor docking station, single-stack or high-speed rotary cup/tub denesting, tool-free cup/tub magazine tooling, low-stack alarm, high-speed spinning rod lid denesting, multi-diameter lid tooling and top positive drive belt assembly for clutch lock lids.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces Intellitrack XR (IXR), a new signal processing technology for breads that will be integrated into the entire family of Thermo Scientific APEX metal detectors. IXR addresses the demand for better performance in challenging situations where traditional “phase out” techniques are unable to meet strict standards. To ensure high-performance over time, the IXR tracks these product signals by adjusting product cancellation on the fly.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Waltham, Mass.

Powerit Solutions’ Spara RTP Control energy management system controls energy use and helps businesses capitalize on low prices. The real-time pricing server takes information from each utility and converts it to a standard output that is then integrated into the Spara automated control structure. If communication is interrupted by the utility, the system will detect it and correct it to prevent from raised costs. It also allows food manufacturers to receive automatic pricing updates and fine tune preset rules depending on line setups, product, and more.
Powerit Solutions
Seattle, Wash.

Colborne Foodbotics released a self-contained pie shell stacker, which automatically forms stacks of shells from 2- to 12-in. high for packaging. The system works with 6- to 10-in. pie shells and operates at speeds in excess of 100 per minute. It also eliminates repetitive hand labor and improves overall efficiency.
Colborne Foodbotics, LLC
Lake Forest, Ill.

Dickson Data Logger Selection Guide allows operations to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and electronic signal events via an online resource guide. Users are able to drill down and mix and match various features to match specifications. Additionally, the guide comes with instrument displays, remote probe availability, alarm options, wireless/Ethernet/battery-operated or outlet-powered options, operating ranges and cost analysis. 
The Dickson Co.
Addison, Ill.

Klüber Lubrication now offers a full line of Halal-certified lubricants, which enable food processors to meet food safety requirements. With more than 100 products carrying the Halal designation, Klüber has the largest number of lubricant choices for food processing equipment in the world, and offers high-performance NSF-registered and Kosher-approved products. Additionally, the company received ISO 21469 status, a standard which defines hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture and use of lubricants.
Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.
Londonderry, N.H.

The PetroOXY Rapid Oxidation Stability tester from Petrotest Instruments monitors and controls oxidation stability, or aging, of oils, fats, greases, proprietary antioxidants and shelf-life additives. Compared with traditional testing methods, this tester produces substantially faster test times. It also offers excellent repeatability, simple handling and cleaning procedures and improved user safety.
AMETEK Petrolab Co., a unit of AMETEK Process & Analytical Instruments
Broken Arrow, Okla.

Quadrel Labeling Systems’ three-panel, pressure-sensitive labeler is designed for labeling three and four sides of clear-hinged bakery trays and other food packages. The stainless steel frame, food-grade belts, NEMA 4X enclosure and overhead label applicator make it possible to print in wet food processing environments. Additionally, the thermal transfer label printer prints and applies ingredient data at the point of label application.
Quadrel Labeling Systems
Mentor, Ohio

The Narrow Belt Conveyor from TGW-Ermanco is a belt-driven, live-roller conveyor solution that can be configured into zero-pressure contact accumulation, non-contact accumulation and transportation conveyors using all of the same frames and drive components. While offering significant cost savings, the conveyor also incorporates high-value features including logic modules, true-taper rollers with close-pack roller centers and direct drive belts with 97% efficient gear motors.
TGW-Ermanco, Inc.
Spring Lake, Mich.

tna released the newest member of its revolutionary roflo 3 transfer and distribution system, the tna roflo 3 (cw). The fully stainless steel design meets an International Protection 67 rating, which offers complete washed down functionality without the removal of any parts including guarding or components and significantly reduces downtime for cleaning, maintenance and changeover. The entire system is accessible and resistant to pressure cleaning with caustic and acid solutions. Additionally, the tna roflo 3 (cw) produces zero product breakage and is reversible, through software, in a stand-alone application.
tna North America

Coppell, Texas

**Photo courtesy of Ashworth Bros., Inc.