A-B-C introduces Model 450, a high-speed case erector that seals with a new soy-based adhesive for a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based hot melt. Designed for speeds to 55 cases per minute, reliable mechanical operation and a servo-operated sealing ram, this case erector helps packagers increase productivity while the new Liquamelt adhesive from H.B. Fuller, St. Paul, Minn., reduces costs.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

Tarpon Springs, Fla.



Charles Ross dual-shaft mixers are suitable for processing pastes, gels, suspensions, slurries and other viscous formulations. The high-speed disperser draws powders into a liquid batch through a powerful vortex and rapidly disperses any lumps and agglomerates. The low-speed anchor agitator promotes bulk flow and uniform batch temperature, “feeding” the disperser blade with fresh product while constantly scraping vessel surfaces.

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Hauppauge, N.Y.



Hinds-Bock’s servo-driven pump fillers are designed for high-speed accurate spreading of products, as well as depositing and filling applications. Custom spouts are used to match the spread width and length for the application. A single machine can run up to 160 units per minute, depending on the product and application. Machines are available in single- or multiple-lane versions.

Hinds-Bock Corp.

Bothell, Wash.



Unifiller’s spot depositor features a user-friendly design that deposits directly from the bowl and delivers simple and accurate portioning. This versatile machine also allows quick cleanup for changeover of various products.

Unifiller Systems, Inc.

Delta, B.C., Canada



3M’s industrial adhesives and tapes division presents 3M water-activated tapes and tape dispensers. Available in white and kraft colors, this tape is designed to create a secure bond when the moistened adhesive interacts with porous surfaces. The tape forms a tamper-resistant seal that shreds if pulled off before delivery. The coreless rolls reduce waste and simplify roll changes.


St. Paul, Minn.



tna debuts the intelli-scan 2 comprehensive date-code assurance system, designed to process images through its camera to ensure that the date code is printed, complete and legible. This system is suitable for a range of print requirements, can handle both light and dark texts and produces exposure times of less than 0.5 ms and speeds up to 200 bpm. Also, the new intelli-read 3 integrated bar-code scanning system automatically scans a bar code on film and cross checks to verify that the correct product is being processed.

tna North America

Coppell, Texas