X-ray system

Thermo Scientific Xpert S400 from Thermo Fisher Scientific, is engineered to detect metal, glass, dense plastics and other foreign objects in vertical containers, including standup pouches and cartons. The model’s compact length enables it to fit into tight production spaces, while its x-ray source/detector height adjusts to match a conveyor passing through the inspection tunnel. Easy setup and use configuration software facilitates quick startup. Specific software algorithms developed for tall-profile packages look for contaminants in problem areas such as package edges, bottom center and top.

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Oil-spraying system

The latest in tna’s intelli-flav CLO series of closed-loop oil (CLO) sprayers, the tna intelli-flav CLO 3, builds on the design of previous CLO systems but now includes additional features and improvements that ensure consistent seasoning application with an extended product life. These combine to produce a sleeker, more hygienic and more operator-friendly main line system that, according to the company, provides exceptional accuracy in application on salty, baked and extruded snacks as well as on nuts, biscuits and crackers. The tna intelli-flav CLO 3 also allows for a variety of application rates by increasing the number of spray guns. In addition, it has an air filtration system that ensures 99.9% of the facility air is clean and completely dry, as moisture can dramatically reduce product shelf life.

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Vacuum conveyor

The MoveMaster Vac Vacuum Conveying System from Schenck AccuRate and Mac Process, Schenck Process group members, is designed to offer a cleaner operating environment for handling raw materials and finished products. Key components include pickup and reception points modularly designed with dust-resistant seals and quick-release clamps to simplify cleaning. It accommodates a wide range of powders, pellets and additives at rates up to 4,400 lb./hour and temperatures to 110 deg. F. Three unit sizes are available: 10-, 35- and 80-liter capacities as well as bag or cartridge filter media and feed bin pickup options to meet most application needs.

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Orbital depositor

Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces a 12-piston, orbital, all-servo-driven industrial depositor with positive shutoff spouts for muffin, cupcake, cheesecake and cake batters. Designed to handle continuously moving pans at high speeds, it runs faster and quieter than conventional depositors and doesn’t require compressed air for power, according to the company. It features the latest electronic controls and achieves high-speed, accurate depositing of batters with or without particulates. Speeds reach more than 1,000 units per minute, depending on the pan configuration, deposit size and batter viscosity.

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Case sealers 

3M’s new line of 3M-Matic case sealers allows a wider performance window with easier adjustments for greater user flexibility. The line comprises three models—7000a, 7000r and 8000a, the latter of which has a side belt drive. The machines offer 2-in. and 3-in. tape application for greater flexibility in packaging operations. Extruded columns allow for easier repositioning.

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Sifter-cleaning balls

Detectamet’s new sifter-cleaning balls incorporate the company’s detectable polymer. The balls work inside screen decks to prevent powder ingredients from clogging sieve systems, which leads to a loss in sifter capacity and an increase in sifter tailings or overs. The balls are available in a range of sizes (from 11-250 mm) to fit most food-sifting applications; have a hardness measure of 80 on the Shore Durometer, which tests the hardness of materials; and come in the company’s distinctive, food visible shade of blue. 

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