ABA is hosting its second annual Policy Conference next week that will include three standing committee meetings.

American Bakers Association is hosting its second annual Policy Conference next week that will include three standing ABA committee meetings including the Energy and Environmental Health Committee, Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee and the Fleet and Distribution Committee.

“These committees are meeting to discuss key issues currently impacting the baking industry, including climate change, food safety and tray loss legislation currently before Congress,” says Robb MacKie, ABA president and CEO. “With over 50 experts from the baking industry attending these committee meetings, ABA is looking forward to meeting with members of Congress to more fully discuss these issues.”

The ABA Energy and Environmental Health Committee will continue its sustainability theme by focusing on how to become more energy efficient during lean economic times. The committee also will review climate change policy with a comprehensive review of the House legislation and proposed Regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee will finalize its food safety approach and prepare members to present ABA’s position on food safety to Congress. This meeting will provide a bakery-specific perspective on proposed registration fees currently included in congressional legislation, traceability and country of origin labeling standards, voluntary third party certification programs and additional key issues currently before Congress.

The Fleet and Distribution Committee will discuss the new Navistar 2010 engine meeting the latest emissions standards. In addition, the committee will receive an update regarding a hydrogen injection engine and discuss tray loss efforts by ABA through the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act.

For more information on the conference, go to www.americanbakers.org.