CSM Bakery Supplies North America endures some officer changes as Reinoud Plantenberg plans for his May 1 retirement.

Bret Weaver will succeed Reinoud Plantenberg as chief executive officer of CSM Bakery Supplies North America. Plantenberg will transfer his responsibilities to Weaver on May 1 in anticipation of his retirement. Additionally, Ron Savelli will replace Weaver on May 1 as president and CEO of H.C. Brill.

Weaver currently holds the position of president and CEO of H.C. Brill, one of CSM's largest business units in North America. Weaver joined CSM in 1996 and has held several executive positions in the field of strategy, business development and general management, including president of several of its operating companies. Prior to joining CSM, Weaver held several consumer marketing and general management positions, the last being president and CEO at Golden Dipt Co., a division of DCA Food Industries Inc. Weaver's current industry involvement includes serving as a board member of the Allied Trades to the Baking Industry.

Savelli joined CSM in 2003 and currently holds the position of president and CEO of Caravan Ingredients located in Lenexa, Kan. Prior to joining CSM, Savelli was with the Boston Market - Einstein Brothers - New World Restaurant Group as vice president of product development and vice president operational and technical services.