Edward & Sons' Exotic Rice Toast

Company:Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc., Carpinteria, Calif.
Web site:www.edwardandsons.com
Introduced: September
Suggested Retail: $2.29 to $2.69 for a 2.25-oz. box
Product Snapshot:Dip into something healthy with gluten-free Exotic Rice Toast, colorful squares of rice varieties, steamed, kneaded and slow baked to achieve a crisp, firm texture. All flavors contain only natural ingredients and are available in Jasmine Rice & Spring Onion, Thai Red Rice & Flaxseeds and Purple Rice & Black Sesame varieties.
Ingredients (Purple Rice & Black Sesame): Brown Jasmine rice flour, purple rice flour, natural tapioca starch, black sesame seeds, organic expeller-pressed palm oil, organic evaporated cane juice, salt, natural Vitamin E oil (antioxidant). Contains soy.