Chairman’s Letter

Dear SFA Members,
I recently returned from SFA’s Day in D.C. — Spring Summit. This year as SFA members visited their elected representatives in Washington, there were several critical issues affecting the snack food industry (see accompanying article for photos of the summit).
In the forefront was the need to allow local school officials and parents decide what foods should be sold in schools. SFA members expressed their opposition to “The Better Nutrition for School Children Act of 2003” (S. 1007) and explained that it is predicated on the notion that parents and local school officials lack the will to do the “right thing” with regard to the sale of competitive foods in their schools.
SFA members who attended Day in D.C. also explained the need for consistent food labeling in all 50 states to their Members of Congress and urged them to support the National Uniformity for Food Act (H.R. 2699). The final top tier issue that SFA members approached their elected representatives about concerned the issue of obesity lawsuits.
Other issues that were on the minds of SFA members participating in Day in D.C. were:
Support for IMPACT Legislation (S.1172) that authorizes specific government programs designed to prevent, diagnose and treat overweight and obesity;
Opposition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s position that processed snack peanuts must comply with country-of -origin labeling; and
Support for flexibility to the on-duty restrictions in the new Hours of Service for Drivers Final Rule.
In addition to making the elected representatives aware of the issues of importance to the snack food industry, Day in D.C. attendees had an opportunity to hear Beth Johnson, Senior Advisor on Nutrition Issues, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), provide an update on the Dietary Guidelines to be issued in January 2005 and on the new Food Pyramid currently under consideration.
To those who attended SFA’s Day in D.C., thank you for your support in helping us communicate the importance of these issues to Congress.
Nick R. Chilton
SFA Chairman of the Board