Tate & Lyle, a global leader in renewable ingredients, has launched Coated Snack CREATE 700. Developed by the company’s U.S.-based food ingredients team in Decatur, Ill., Coated Snack CREATE 700 is a new Solution Set that can be used to create dual textured snacks that have a light, crispy shell and are soft inside. The crunchy coating can be used on a variety of products, including peanuts, soy nuts and sunflower kernels. Compatible with almost unlimited varieties of flavor, Coated Snack CREATE 700 offers consumers a truly original taste experience. Additionally, because the coating is made with Splenda sucralose, it has bake-stable sweetness, and customers can formulate a coating that achieves a no sugar-added claim. Coated Snack CREATE 700 is easy to incorporate in a tumbler coating process, is used at a 40-60% level in a dry coating matrix, and is typically combined with cereal flours or particulates before it is applied over food pieces. An adhesion slurry with Tate & Lyle’s Stadex dextrins, Tapioca Dextrins or STAR-DRI Corn Syrup Solids is typically sprayed over food pieces in a rotating tumbler prior to the application of the dry mix. 1-866-653-6622.

Kerry Bio-Science, the leading global developer of natural ingredient systems, launched a new product range of food-grade natural ingredients for clean-label processing, which covers five key functional roles, with product Upgrade developed and targeted for the bakery market. By controlling yeast and mold formation, Upgrade provides shelf-life protection for many types of bakery products including bread, biscuits, pastries and cakes. The new line of natural shelf-life extenders offer a “safe,” natural solution for spoilage issues commonly resulting from natural and organic food processing, providing a new level of ingredient flexibility to manufacturers of food products. 1-847-645-7393.

National Starch Food Innovation’s new line of natural, grain-based ingredients called HOMECRAFT, is designed to maintain the positive attributes of traditional flours and dramatically expand and improve the ways they can be used in packaged and prepared foods. The HOMECRAFT product portfolio includes three functional wheat flours, each designed to address functional shortcomings of native flours such as lack of freeze/thaw stability, sensitivity to processing and poor cold water thickening. 1-847-945-7500.

Bakers hampered by the current crystal-honey and molasses shortage can count on a brand-new alternative — Sweet ‘N’ Neat dry molasses and honey crystal blends — from ADM to keep their output flowing without compromising quality. Designed for use in bagels, muffins, cakes, cookies, snacks and seasonings, the blends emphasize flowability and provide sweet and clean flavor in an easy-to-use form. 1-800-637-5843.

Tate & Lyle launched two new Cereal Ingredient Solution Sets — Breakfast Cereal ENRICH 701 and Breakfast Cereal ENRICH 702. Both Solution Sets contain an optimized combination of functional ingredients designed for use in multigrain or whole grain expanded cereals and contain high amounts of oat fiber. Radial or axial expansion and crispiness of product are not sacrificed. If used in the suggested formulations, the two Solution Sets provide 8 gm. of whole grain per 30 gm. of finished cereal. 1-800-348-7414.

Current research shows that 64% of consumers would pay more for a product containing almonds. As a result, the Almond Board of California is offering a CD-ROM, including a collection of product information, formula and recipe files, consumer and nutrition research reviews and a year of promotion ideas. To receive a free package, call 1-209-549-8262.

According to National Starch Food Innovation, a recently published study shows that its Hi-maize 5-in-1 Fiber and the probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium lactis improve the acute apoptotic response to a carcinogen by 33%. The study confirmed that Hi-maize positively influenced additional colonic biomarkers for health. This study, in addition to more than 120 others, shows that Hi-maize 5-in-1 Fiber helps products meet consumer needs by raising fiber content without negatively changing the flavors and textures that consumers expect to enjoy. 1-847-945-7500.

Imagine preparing a great-tasting cake that is trans fat-free and has less than half the fat of a regular crème cake. In a blind taste test, consumers liked Puratos Tegral Reduced Fat Cake as much as its standard counterpart with respect to flavor, moisture, texture and appearance. 1-800-654-0036.

The SAPORESSE line of lactic yeast products by Synergy Flavors can achieve a 30% salt reduction in snacks. Lactic yeast also can provide extended shelf life in a variety of products. The yeast is a natural ingredient, offering a clean consumer label. Synergy Flavors, formerly U.S. Flavors & Fragrances, is a member of the Irish-based Carbery Group.

Accurate Ingredients, a supplier of a wide range of food ingredients from producers worldwide, launched its newly redesigned website: www.acing.net. The site enables visitors to search through ingredient offerings from major suppliers to find the products they need, including a wide range of traditional, natural and organic food ingredients. Contact Eric Wieland at 1-516-496-2500.

New from the American Egg Board is a booklet entitled “Egg Products Reference Guide.” This guide is filled with exciting egg information from egg nutrient values to egg vitamins to eggs as nutraceuticals to refrigerated egg products. Typical egg specifications, functions and issues also are addressed, making this booklet a must-use, must-read for consumers who want to know what eggs can do for them. 1-877-488-6143.

Commercial Creamery Co. developed a new butter flavor, Butter Burst 8132. The enzyme modified butter powder is bursting with butter flavor, which adds mouthfeel and richness to a variety of products without adding fat. The recommended starting usage level is 1% in a variety of baked goods. 1-800-541-0850.

Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. introduces malted barley as a whole grain ingredient that bread and pizza makers can use to boost dietary fiber. Barley contains no additives — nothing but barley and water are used from beginning to end in the malting process. The resulting malted barley has a wide range of applications, including use in bread formulations where barley can function as an all-natural dough conditioner, a flavor and color booster, texture enhancer and more.

Encapsulated Omega-3 fatty acids from Kerry Ingredients turn chocolate into a health-conscious treat without marine flavors. Available in long- or short-chain fatty acids, the chocolate is designed to be used with sugar-based or NSA coatings for snack products and energy bars, and can be adapted to customers’ nutritional specifications.1-913-324-1100.