Puratos’ new Innovation for Bakery Applications — the Molderator — is a Wheat Sourdough That is a Good Alternative for any Bakery Looking to Improve the Shelf Life of its Products Without Adding any Artificial Preservatives or “off” Flavors.
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Danisco Sweeteners helps food companies develop controlled calorie snacks that appeal to weight-conscious consumers with its delicious formulations for cookies, cakes and wafers made with Litesse polydextrose and Lactitol, which have reduced calories, fat and sugar and can be packaged in 100-calorie (or less) portable portions. Litesse polydextrose is a 1kcal/gm. specialty carbohydrate that offers a wide range of physiological and functional benefits. For example, it replaces sugar and fat while improving flavor, texture and mouthfeel in a wide variety of applications. It also is a prebiotic for improved gut health and is widely recognized as a dietary fiber. Lactitol is a reduced-calorie sweetener derived from milk sugar and plays a versatile role in foods, including baked goods. Its solubility and viscosity closely resemble those of sucrose, and its sugar-like sweetness profile leaves no aftertaste. For more information, contact Donna Brooks at
1-800-255-6837 x2521 www.danisco.com/sweeteners

What gum blend can replace fat in instant bake mixes and more? Gum Technology’s cold setting Coyote Brand Stabilizer CKX-Fat Replacer mimics fat and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low/non fat products. The all-natural blend of Cellulose Gel, Konjac and Xanthan, contains soluble and insoluble fiber and is excellent for freeze thaw stability and moisture control.
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Remyline AX-FG-P specialty rice starch from A&B Ingredients can reduce fat uptake in tortilla chips by up to 50%. The specialty starch also reduces breakage, improves machinability during processing and can increase chip crispiness. Remyline AXS-FGP is used at a level of 2%-5%, replacing a portion of the corn flour used. When dough is mixed with water, Remyline AX-FG-P hydrates quickly and forms a matrix in the dough. The starch keeps the matrix dense longer since it retains water during the cooking process. Remyline AX-FG-P is a “native starch” produced through a natural process. It is labeled as “rice starch” on the finished package label.
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With a growing number of retailers asking for healthier foods, SK Food International has rolled out certified organic rice products to its line of identity-preserved ingredients. The organic brown and white rice comes in grain, meal or flour and is available in short, medium and long varieties.
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Maxarome Select, a natural nucleotide yeast extract by DSM Food Specialties, can replace monosodium glutamate with a clean taste. Using it at a level of 0.5% allows snack producers to completely replace MSG in chips without compromising any flavor.
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As part of its extensive line of all-natural bases and mixes, Caravan Products, Inc. now is offering two natural rye products: Natural Rye and Double Natural Rye. Both are trans fat-free and can be used for all forms of rye bread to produce the finest, zestiest, most flavorful “all-natural” ryes and pumpernickels. Natural Rye is packaged in a 50-lb. carton. Double Natural Rye is available in 50-lb. polyl-lined, multi-walled paper bags.
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Roquette America has expanded its polyols capabilities by adding mannitol to its U.S. manufacturing facilities already producing maltitol, sorbitol and other new products. Roquette’s Smart Calories soluions and healthy ingredients portfolio — including Maltisorb maltitol, Nutriose soluble fiber, Neosorb sorbitol, Pearlitol mannitol, Nutralys pea protein and Polysorb and Lycasin hydrogenated starch hydrolysates — target the next generation development of future market trends to meet the demands of emerging consumer needs.

SensoryEffects, a division of Loders Croklaan, introduces Jammy and Fruity SensoryEffects, which reduce the costs of baked goods that contain blueberries or other berries and fruit pieces. The ingredients mimic real fruit visually and provide intense flavor, color and aroma, thereby offering an excellent alternative to increasingly expensive berries and fruits. Further, they are not subject to seasonality, providing a secure supply of consistent quality.
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Brolite offers customers a variety of rye sours for use in baking. For example, the FFP Melba Sour produces a mellow, tangy flavor in melba toast and all types of rye breads, rolls and pumpernickel. The Super Vita Rye Sour is a naturally fermented rye flavor that contains a blend of spices, producing a high-quality rye product with “Old World” flavor and aroma. All of the rye sours are a perfect blend of ingredients and function, giving bread that distinctive taste.
1-888-BROLITE. www.BakewithBrolite.com

Consumers are becoming increasingly vigilant about their health when searching for new snacking concepts. New sea salt and black pepper crisps from Kerry Ingredients U.S. satisfy these demands. A uniquely seasoned snack containing hot extruded potato crisps, this concept contains added protein for energy and is a healthy alternative to traditional savory snacks.
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Founded in 1941, MGP Ingredients, Inc. has been serving the food industry for more than six decades. It has pioneered the development of specialty proteins and starches derived principally from wheat, resulting in a wide range of ingredient solutions for various product applications. These solutions provide myriad functions and benefits for bakery and prepared foods, including moisture management, shelf-life extension, fiber enrichment, fat reduction and texture enhancement.
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