Oh, My Ganache!

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Forget fancy créme-filled éclairs nestled on paper doilies in a dainty white pastry box. These days, consumers are going wild for a childhood classroom favorite — the cupcake — and the sweet, unassuming little treat is quickly becoming the “it” dessert on the food scene.
“Cupcakes have made a huge comeback … as is evident by their placement in weddings [as a] cupcake tower instead of a traditional cake and on hit television shows such as Sex and the City,” says Debbie Benedek, senior vice president of brand marketing for MaggieMoo’s International.
Specializing in the creation of Blue Ribbon award-winning ice cream — granted by the National Ice Cream Retailers Association — MaggieMoo’s Treateries are taking the trendy cupcake craze to the next level by pairing the classic dessert with super-premium ice cream to create the world’s first ice cream cupcake you can eat with a spoon.
Each cupcake is made from scratch, starting with moist chocolate cake layered with the company’s freshly made, super-premium dark chocolate ice cream and marshmallow filling, and topped with a proprietary formulation of dark chocolate ganache.
“Each Treatery is encouraged to be creative [with the cupcakes] and concoct unique combinations with any one of the more than 40 available MaggieMoo’s ice cream flavors,” Benedek says. “Bakeries do not carry ice cream, and the use of a dark chocolate ganache topping makes these cupcakes truly unique.”
Franchisees agree, as they can’t keep the treats on their freezer shelves! MaggieMoo’s first-of-their-kind ice cream cupcakes are geared toward the handheld snack product group, and Benedek notes that the treats are a perfect fit for those consumers who crave portability and convenience when it comes to their snacks.
“MaggieMoo’s ice cream cupcakes are great for all types of events — from treats for school parties to anniversaries and baby showers,” she adds.
Based in Columbia, Md., MaggieMoo’s currently operates more than 180 Treateries nationwide and features a menu of premium ice creams, mix-ins, smoothies, ice cream cupcakes and custom ice cream cakes. The cupcakes retail for $2-$3 each and also come in four- and six-packs. Visit www.maggiemoos.com for more information.
Chew on This
Cupcakes have gained a cult following since appearing on hit cable TV show Sex and the City. Chic characters Carrie and Miranda devoured the decadent treats at real-life Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleecker St. in New York, sparking a sweet sensation.