May 2006

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery

Franz Family Bakeries
Focus On The Family

- Focus On The Family
United States Bakery – better known to brand-loyal locals as Franz Family Bakeries – has a history steeped in tradition. The Portland, Ore.-based business has been making bread since 1906 and shows no signs of stopping as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.
- Playing A Full House
Visit Franz Family Bakeries in Portland, Ore. Also, it’s soon-to-be-open bread and bun plant in Springfield, Ore., is yet another step in the company’s plans for market expansion.

   Production / Technology   
Engineering Management
- The Changing Roles Of The Bakery Engineer
In this new monthly column, East Balt Inc.’s Jeff Deardruff explores the issues facing today’s bakery engineer.

Innovations in equipment
- Heat And Control, Hinds-Bock and more...
- Tech Briefs

Corporate Profiles
- Innoseal Systems, Inc., Natural Products, Inc. and more...

   Retail Channel Strategies   
Focus On Your Customers
- Piled High
Dagwood Bumstead’s simple sub’s got nothing on today’s hearty meat- and cheese-laden masterpieces, which are as at home on the premium and artisan breads they adorn as in the various foodservice channels they serve.
- Slyde Effects

   SFA Section   
- The Mix-Up At Dot: The Value Of SFA

Snack Food Association
- Feds Tackle Childhood Obesity
- Regulatory Snafu Could Cost Overtime
- Exhibit At All Candy Expo
- SNAXPO 2007 Exhibitor Signup Underway
- Tracking Food: Bioterrorism Act Rules

   Formulation / R&D   
Market Trends
- Let Them Eat Pie
Pie may very well be the world’s most perfect dessert. New apple, berry, citrus and cream pies — and the occasional no-sugar-added and trans fat-free variety — continue to serve up smiles in restaurants and freezer cases across the country.
- Pie Envy

Ingredient Technology
- Why New Products Succeed ... And Fail, Part 2
- Somewhere Over The Grain-Bow
- Edlong Dairy Flavors, Puratos and more...

New Products
- Mrs Baird’s Honey 7 Grain 100% Whole Grain Sandwich Buns, Rudi’s Organic 100% Whole Wheat Bread, Buns and more...
- Oh, My Ganache!

Health Bites
- Great Grain Debate, Enriching Lives and more...

   Business Strategies   
Editor’s Note
- A Survivor’s Defining Moment

Trends & Analysis
- 100 Years On The Best-Seller’s List
- Business Briefs

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