Tunnel Visions

A new Tech Center, as well as sales to several key customers, is helping to grow C.H. Babb’s worldwide tunnel oven business.

C.H. Babb Co., Inc.’s industry outlook is far from narrow. Instead, the Raynham, Mass.-based tunnel oven manufacturer thinks big.
Take, for example, the new 25,000-sq.-ft. addition to its existing facility. That expansion increases total production space by 50%. At its core is a state-of-the art Tech Center featuring all the bells and whistles, including a test baking area complete with a fully-equipped kitchen and 50-ft.-long test oven. Designed for visiting customers, the Tech Center even has its own entrance, reception area, conference room and loading dock to accept other vendors’ equipment. The entire configuration ensures security and confidentiality for all of C.H. Babb’s national and international customers.
Although the company already builds its ovens using computer-controlled, ultra-precise laser-cutting tools for optimum quality, performance and durability, C.H. Babb now is investing in a second laser with a robotic infeed and discharge capabilities, which can run 24 hours a day, unattended. The new unit will allow the company to increase its current output to help it keep up with demand while meeting the high standards that C.H. Babb’s customers have come to rely on.
As if that weren’t enough, last year, C.H. Babb delivered five new impingement (re-circulated air) tunnel ovens to a top British baker after it was selected by a major British department store to create a line of “celebration cakes” to coincide with the release of the animated film “Madagascar.”
In other news, a supplier to major restaurant chains recently purchased a 110-ft.-long C.H. Babb impingement oven with a 12-ft.-wide belt for use in its new signature dessert bakery facility. According to its customer, the new oven has cut bake times by an average of 50%.
It is expansions and sales such as these that make C.H. Babb an industry leader with its eyes on the future.
For more details about C.H. Babb’s new Tech Center expansion, visit www.CHBabb.com.