Bakers to Learn From Fellow Bakers

While attending IBIE 2007, the largest baking industry trade show in North America, bakers and industry suppliers will have the opportunity to attend the AIB International’s seminars about baking technology. The Manhattan, Kan.-based educational institution has been training professional bakers around the world for 85 years. Now it brings its expertise to the International Baking Industry Exposition during the mornings of Oct. 7-10 in Orlando, Fla.
All seminars will be delivered in English. However, simultaneous translation into Spanish will be available at no additional cost. Supporting handout materials will be available in English and Spanish.
The Baking Technology track is designed to appeal to as many bakers as possible. The Sunday seminar focuses on common issues for wholesale and commissary bakers, but these topics would have value for bakers in any situation.
The Oct. 8 program is designed for retail bakers. Understanding the nutritional profiles of various fats and how to use them effectively in bakery products, extending shelf life, and creating products with greater nutritional benefits all provide impetus for the growth of the business. Understanding sourdough and how long fermentation can reduce the need for additives, using whole grains to make good-tasting products, and learning how to develop new products without an R&D staff also are subjects that can help the retailer compete effectively in today’s rapidly-changing market. This program will address these topics.
The Oct. 9 program focuses on tortillas and snack foods. The growth of this market has been incredible in recent years. By attending this seminar, your team will be equipped to handle additional growth in the future.
The Oct. 10 program is designed for bakers of cookie and cracker, which are called biscuits by our international friends.
By attending the Baking Technology track at the IBIE education program, you and your team can receive valuable insights in all of these important areas of baking. The program will take place on four mornings beginning on Sunday, Oct. 7, and finishing on Wednesday, Oct. 10. All sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. and end by noon, which will allow plenty of time to see the exposition in the afternoons. It is possible to attend only one, two or three days of the program, depending upon your schedule commitments and overall needs. There is a price break for the purchase of the entire four-day ticket.To register for the show, visit
Below is the schedule is for the Baking Technology track:
Sunday, October 7
•Fats and Oils for Bakery Products — Aaron Clanton, AIB International
•Formulating for Extended Shelf Life — Tim Sieloff, AIB International
•Formulation and Processing for Healthy Breads — Aaron Clanton, AIB International

Monday, October 8
•Creating Quality Sourdough Breads — Steve Sollner, AIB International
•Creating Quality Whole Grain Products — Aaron Clanton, AIB International
•Product Development for Retail Bakers — Tim Sieloff, AIB International

Tuesday, October 9
•Flour Tortilla Formulation and Process Control — Tim Sieloff, AIB International
•Corn Tortilla and Chip Process Controls — Tim Sieloff, AIB International
•Baked Snack Foods — Don Petty, Line of Snacks

Wednesday, October 10
•Creating Quality Cookies — Jeff Zeak, AIB International
•Creating Quality Crackers and Biscuits — Jeff Zeak
•Evaluation and Quality Control of Cookies and Crackers — Jeff Zeak

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