Herr’s Blue Kettle Chips
Company: Herr Foods, Inc., Nottingham, Pa.
Web site: www.Herrs.com
Introduced: January 2008
Distribution: Regional
Suggested Retail: $0.50 for a 1.125-oz. bag; $0.99 for a 2.125-oz. bag; $2.99 for a 8.5-oz. bag
Product Snapshot: Herr’s newest introduction is made from naturally blue potatoes — which have a high antioxidant level — that are cooked in small batches and lightly salted. The resulting chip has a subtle nutty flavor.
Ingredients: Choice blue potatoes cooked in vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following: corn, cottonseed, soybean) and salt added. No preservatives added.

Little Debbie Sugar-Free Wafers
Company: McKee Foods, Collegedale, Tenn.
Introduced: December 2007
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: $2.09 for a pack of 30 cookies
Product Snapshot: McKee Foods now offers three sugar-free snacks: Little Debbie Sugar-free Crème Wafers in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Each features two crispy wafer sandwiches around a layer of flavored crème.
Ingredients (Strawberry variety): Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sorbitol, corn starch, maltitol. Contains 2 percent or less of each of the following: water, emulsifiers, (soy lecithin, mono- and diglycerides), artificial flavors, colors (red 40 lake), aspartame, leavening (baking soda, ammonium bicarbonate), salt, whey, eggs, citric acid, sorbic acid.

Simply Nutrilite Food Bars
Company: Quixtar Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Introduced: Fall 2007
Distribution: Available via the Web site and through Quixtar Independent Business Owners
Suggested Retail: $19.99 for 9 bars (45 g. each)
Product Snapshot: Simply Nutrilite Food Bars are rich in Omega-3s and antioxidants.The Sweet and Salty, Cherry Almond and Tropical flavors are all certified organic by Quality Assurance International, while the Chocolate Crisp variety is made with organic ingredients.
Ingredients (Sweet and Salty variety): Organic date paste, peanuts, organic yogurt coating (organic sugar (evaporated can juice), organic palm kernel oil, organic nonfat yogurt (milk), organic soy lecithin, lactic acid, salt, organic vanilla) organic milled flaxseed, peanut flour, sucrose, salt, ascorbic acid

Buffalo Nuts
Company: Tropical Foods, Charlotte, N.C.
Introduced: December 2007
Distribution: Southeast and Southern United States.
Suggested Retail: $.99 - $1.19 for a 3-oz. bag
Product Snapshot: Hot, spicy and convenient, Buffalo Nuts borrow the taste of Buffalo Wings. They are available in individual 6-oz. snack cups, 3-oz. snack-size bags and 14-oz. re-closeable acetate tubs.
Ingredients: Peanuts, Buffalo Nut seasoning (salt, spices, sodium diacetate, citric acid, extractive of paprika, modified food starch, natural and artificial flavor, and less than 2% of calcium silicate to prevent caking), peanut oil.

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit
Company: Crispy Green, Inc., Fairfield, N.J.
Web site: www.CrispyGreen.com
Introduced: January 2008
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: $1.19 - $1.75 for a single serving; $7.99 for a 6-Pack
Product Snapshot: Crispy Pears is the newest variety of freeze-dried fruit snacks from Crispy Green. The additive- and preservative-free snacks also come in Crispy Apples, Crispy Pineapples, Crispy Apricots and Crispy Peaches. All varieties are available in Grab & Go 6-Packs containing six single servings that are less than 40 calories each.
Ingredients (Crispy Pears variety): Asian pears.

Avocado Oil Potato Chips
Company: Good Health Natural Foods, Inc., Greensboro, N.C.
Introduced: December 2007
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: $2.99 for a 5-oz. bag
Product Snapshot: According to the manufacturer, this is the first time avocado oil has been used to cook potato chips, resulting in a robust flavor and 30% less fat than traditionally cooked chips. Utilizing the fruit’s many nutritious properties, avocado oil is a healthy alternative to conventional cooking oil and contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, along with monounsaturated fats that help reduce LDL cholesterol. Available varieties are Sea Salt, Chilean Lime, Quattro Formaggio and Barcelona Barbecue.
Ingredients (Chilean Lime variety): Potatoes, all-natural avocado oil, whey, salt, dextrose, sugar, malto-dextrin, citric acid, malic acid, lime extract, vinegar, parsley flakes, buttermilk powder. Contains milk.

Pop-Tarts with Whole Grain
Company: Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Introduced: January 2008
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: $1.99 per box
Product Snapshot: Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries with One Serving of Whole Grain deliver the whole grain and fiber moms want and the taste kids crave. Available in two varieties  — Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon — each serving provides 16 g. of whole grains, or one-third of the recommended 48 g. per day.
Ingredients (Strawberry variety): Whole wheat flour, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil (soybean, cottonseed and hydrogenated cottonseed oil with TEHQ and citric acid for freshness), enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin, mononitrate [Vitamin B1], riboflavin [Vitamin B2], folic acid), dextrose, corn syrup solids, sugar, whole grain barley flour. Contains 2% or less of inulin from chickory root, wheat starch, salt, dried apples, dried pears, leavening (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate), natural and artificial strawberry flavor, dried strawberries, cornstarch, citric acid, modified wheat starch, gelatin, caramel color, soy lecithin, xanthan gum, Vitamin A, palmitate, niacinamide, red #40, reduced iron, pyridoxine, hydrochloride (Vitamin B4), yellow #5, riboflavin (Vitamin B2), thiamin hydrochloride (Vitamin B5), folic acid. Contains wheat and soy ingredients.

Lean Cuisine Flatbread Melts
Company: Nestle USA, Solon, Ohio
Web site: www.NestleUSA.com
Introduced: January 2008
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: $3.49 for a 6.25-6.75-oz. package
Product Snapshot: Soft on the outside with flavorful sauces, melted cheeses, high-quality meats and other ingredients on the inside, the new Lean Cuisine Flatbread melts are 330 calories each and contain no more than 9 g. of fat per serving. Consumers can choose from the following varieties: Chicken Philly, Chophouse Steak, Pesto Chicken and Chicken Ranch Club.
Ingredients (Pesto Chicken variety): Flatbread (enriched flour [wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid], water, soybean oil, isolated oat product, less than 2% of: yeast, glycerine, dough conditioner [guar gum, calcium carbonate, datem, wheat flour, ascorbic acid, enzymes], salt, calcium propionate, sugar, dough conditioner [monoglycerides, calcium sulfate, guar gum, sodium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid], dough conditioner [wheat starch, calcium carbonate, l- cysteine hcl], whole wheat flour), reduced fat mozzarella cheese [cultured milk & nonfat milk, modified cornstarch*, salt, vitamin a palmitate, enzymes (*an ingredient not in regular mozzarella cheese)], water, cooked white meat chicken [white meat chicken, water, isolated soy protein, modified rice starch, chicken flavor (dehydrated chicken broth, chicken powder, natural flavor), sodium phosphates, salt], red peppers, seasoning (modified food starch, sweet cream powder [sweet cream, nonfat milk, sodium caseinate], nonfat milk, buttermilk, salt, dried pasteurized process romano cheese (romano cheese made from cow’s milk [cultured milk, salt, enzymes], sodium phosphate, salt), dried pasteurized process parmesan cheese [parmesan cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), sodium phosphate, salt], spices, maltodextrin, flavor [maltodextrin, whey solids, natural flavor, salt], natural flavor, potassium chloride, sugar, xanthan gum, flavor [soybean oil, natural flavor, turmeric&annatto color], lactic acid, flavor [maltodextrin, lipolyzed cream]), sun dried tomatoes, spices, garlic powder, sulfiting agents. Contains milk, soy and wheat ingredients.