Cover Story
- An Officer and His Breadmen
Mariusz Kolodziej knows good artisan bread. As president of Hudson Bread, he has helped earn his bakery a reputation for its fresh bread and rolls. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery recently met with Kolodziej and his colleagues, vice president of production Wolfgang Scharinger and vice president of operations/R&D Ray Million, and took a tour of Hudson's 60,000-sq.-ft. facility in North Bergen, N.J. Find out what makes this traditional bakery tick.

Celebrity Chef Q&A
- Dynamic Duo
“The Hearty Boys” are superheroes when it comes to catering. In this exclusive interview, the Food Network hosts talk about their new book, their new business and what they'd serve at a Kennedy family dinner party.

Industry News
- Europain to Host Bakers From Around the World
The 2008 edition of Europain will bring together visitors from some 143 countries and exhibitors from some 25 countries as it showcases the latest in equipment, services and products for the baking industry.

Market Trends
- A Slice of Innovation
Thin-crust, oven-fresh, all-natural and whole-grain pizzas are duking it out in freezer cases nationwide as manufacturers fight for shoppers' attention in this trend-driven category.

- In the Dumps
Are you in the dumps over the nation's economy? Editor Dan Malovany explores why commodity, energy and health care costs are causing some companies to tank … pun intended.

Engineering Management
- Comin' Atcha in 2008
Columnist Jeff Dearduff shares his insights on which issues will be “Comin' atcha in 2008,” including continued labor shortages, tighter bottom lines and higher production demands.

The ASB Column
- Celling a New Source of Energy
This month in the American Society of Baking column, Pepperidge Farm reveals how fuel cell technology is making a difference for the manufacturer.

My 15 Minutes
- Please Feed the Models
It might be model behavior not to eat, but the rest of the nation faces an obesity epidemic of mammoth proportions. Managing editor Deborah Cassell debates the ironies of America's fascination with body image.

Ingredient Technology
- The Whole Truth
Consumer demand for whole grains is on the rise. Both suppliers and bakers are answering the call with innovative ingredients and new products that boast bountiful health benefits and textural attributes.
- Paste Haste
Raisin paste and concentrate serve as shelf-life extenders and natural preservatives when used in certain baked goods. Find out how.
- New Products
Kick off the New Year by exploring the latest introductions from McKee Foods, John B. Sanfillippo & Son, and others.
- Health Q&A - Straight Talk on Saving Babies
Dr. Judith Reichman shares some “Straight Talk on Saving Babies” in this exclusive interview with the best-selling author, PBS host and proponent of folic acid intake for future mothers.

Production Technology
- Move It or Lose It
It's no secret that most manufacturers seek efficiency in their plants. New, more durable belts and conveyors are one way to get there.
- Equipment Briefs
This issue, we feature new technologies from WireBelt and Ashworth, among others.
- Advertorial: Stellar - Lean and Green
Just what does it mean to go “green?” Jud Walker of Stellar offers a checklist for companies interested in environmental technologies.

SFA Section
- Pitfalls Avoided, Challenges Ahead
Last year presented the Snack Food Association with many obstacles, but the organization overcame them all with flying colors. The new year looks to be equally challenging, but no less exciting.
- President's Letter
- SNAXPO 2008: Roundup Ready to Go
- Plan to Attend Day in D.C.

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