The California Raisin Marketing Board (CRMB), Fresno, Calif., reports in its latest industry news update that it will soon launch The Solar Powered Goodness Campaign using a sun-inspired design to reach more consumers about how raisins are grown, processed, marketed and packed. For the more than 100 years that California raisins have been grown in the San Joaquin Valley, they’ve been grown and dried in the sun, washed, de-stemmed and packaged. The process is so simple that the ingredient statement on packages of the raisins simply reads, “Raisins."

CRMB’s consumer interviews seemed to indicate, however, that many thought the raisins were a processed food and were dried in commercial dehydrators. While many of these same consumers recognize that California Raisins are healthy and have attributes such as high fiber, iron and are fat- and cholesterol-free, feedback indicated that they want to provide their children with minimally processed foods, but were unclear on which foods were the healthiest.

“The CRMB needs to continue to show that California Raisins are exactly what consumers are seeking,” reports Larry Blagg, senior vice president of marketing. “Thus, the Solar Powered Goodness Campaign is being launched very soon…The key message is ‘California Raisins are the Wise Choice for Natural Energy.’ Advertising images in the campaign will show very active kids playing outdoors in the sunshine along with content stating, ‘Kids and Raisins are both packed with Natural Energy.’”

Other points in the messaging will include “100% Natural,” “antioxidant Rich,” and “Solar Powered.” The campaign will be featured in leading women’s’ magazines, online, in social media advertising and on cable TV channels. The CRMB will continue to work with registered dietitians and other influences of moms and kids to help them understand the nutrition benefits of California Raisins, Blagg says.