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Geneva, Ill.-based Roquette, a global leader in renewable, plant-based raw materials, will promote its microalgae-based food ingredients July 14-16 at IFT13, the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo, in Chicago. Long-established as a forerunner in food, nutrition and health, and plant-based chemistry, Roquette has, since 2008, positioned itself as the leader in microalgae-based food ingredients, including its role as the program leader of ALGOHUB, a 14-member French consortium devoted to the research and development of the potential of microalgae in the nutrition and health sector.

Roquette will showcase two innovative ingredients at IFT: a high-lipid and a high-protein microalgae-based ingredient, both of which are natural-origin, whole ingredients that improve nutrition and texture in many applications, such as bakery and culinary for the lipid version and dietary supplements and particular nutrition for the protein version. These ingredients are supported by Roquette’s high-capacity manufacturing facilities as well as a fully dedicated support infrastructure, including product development facilities around the world, like the Customer Innovation Center in Geneva.

“Our partners at all stages of the product development process can depend on our seasoned sales force and commercialization group to guide them in the development of applications with Roquette’s microalgae-based ingredients,” says Fernando Arias, commercial vice president of Roquette America.