Roquette, a global leader in renewable, plant-based raw materials, will showcase its microalgal ingredients for baking professionals at IBIE 2013, which will take place Oct. 6-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. At IBIE, all eyes will be on health and wellness, ingredients of ancient origin, clean labels, comfort food, and other trends that reflect consumers’ continued demand for products that are good from a nutrition standpoint and good in terms of indulgence. With Roquette’s breakthrough microalgae ingredients, baked goods can deliver quality nutrition and a superior sensory experience in the same application.

“Microalgae is an ancient, renewable food source, it’s incomparably nutritious, and it tastes good,” Fernando Arias, commercial vice president of Roquette America, says. “Good tasting, good for you, and good for the food supply that sustains us, microalgae truly is a good ingredient in all aspects.”

In 2006, Roquette began exploring the infinite potential of microalgae as a whole food ingredient. Since then, Roquette has developed a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)-approved lipid ingredient, which is ideal for use in baked goods. The microalgal lipid ingredient can be tailored to suit manufacturers’ application needs and allow for lipid profile optimization.

“Our ingredients are unbelievably good,” says Arias. “For example, Roquette Microalgae can reduce fat content in a muffin by 37.5% and calories by 64% and still deliver a delicious product. This microalgal lipid ingredient overturns the notion that baked goods aren’t able to both taste good and be good for you. A cookie, muffin, cracker, or bread can be the comfort food or the indulgence consumers enjoy while also delivering nutritional goodness and a simplified label.”

In addition to dramatically improving nutrition labels, Roquette Microalgae promotes sensory qualities, like improved texture and softness. As a non-GMO ingredient that is naturally derived and free of known allergens, it is a label-friendly ingredient that provides added benefits to niche consumer groups, such as the gluten-free audience.

“The gluten-free brownie that we’ll be featuring at IBIE is a great example of how microalgae can help create delicious, nutritious, gluten-free bakery applications,” Arias says.

At IBIE, Roquette will display a variety of application samples containing Roquette Microalgae ingredients, in addition to pea fiber, Nutriose Soluble Fibre, and SweetPearl sugar substitute. Roquette Microalgae will be showcased in a reduced fat cranberry muffin, reduced fat gluten-free brownies, and reduced fat rosemary chipotle whole wheat crackers.

Unlike any other ingredient, Roquette Microalgae delivers on the promise of bakery applications that are simultaneously indulgent and nutritious. Taste the goodness of Roquette Microalgae by experiencing it first-hand at Roquette’s IBIE Booth 1031.