Kettle/batch cooker for potato and vegetable chips is offered by FOODesign Machinery & Systems with proven capacities of up to 650 – 700 pounds per hour.  FOODesign’s Batch-Pro™ series kettle style chip cookers are built to exceed thermal efficiency of up to 84%.   Systems are available for use with natural gas, propane and propane/butane.  FOODesign’s engineered thermal heating system incorporates flow control systems with tube configurations that ensure even heating throughout the cooker that are proven for continuous operation without  tube degradation.  FOODesign’s proven immersion tube deisgn with polished tube configurations to minimize carbonization and maximize efficincey have been provided for over two decades and the latest designs incorporate new imporovements to ensure even greater thermal efficiency.  The Batch-Pro cooker is offered in a wide range of configurations to meet the requirements of each customer individually.  Systems can be provided with automated stirring systems, continuous fines removal, continuous filtering system, integrated hood and lift systems, demisters, and PLC contols systems.   The company also offers a wide range of raw product handling systems, coating systems with its Quik-Coat™ line of equipment, and  finished product handling systems.  Complete processing lines are offered with distribution conveying systems and packaging equipment by our industry partners.

FOODesign Machinery & Systems 

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