Heat and Control offers a sneak peek at its latest equipment developments for frying, oil filtration, conveying, weighing, seasoning, packaging, and inspection. 

Proportional distribution where you need it.
Mount the new Revolution Mid-GateTMat the beginning, middle or end of the FastBack conveyor pan to eliminate product transfer pinch-points and get the advantages of proportional distribution where you need them: Zero cross-contamination, reduced product breakage, easy cleaning, and safe, responsive full-open to full-closed speeds for all throughputs.








FastBack FDXTMfor conveyor runs to 100 feet.
40% smaller than comparable inertia drive horizontal motion conveyors, FDX handles runs up to 100 feet long and up to 300 cubic feet of product accumulation. Like other FastBack conveyors, FDX reduces product damage, prevents separation of blends, is easy to clean, quiet, and needs no preventive maintenance.






Improve seasoning coverage with AccuCoatTMdrum.
Even during variations in throughput, our new seasoning drum design reduces standard deviation of chip-to-chip dwell time by over 30%. This patent pending design improves seasoning coverage, adhesion, and application rates, and is available only with our Revolution On-Machine Seasoning system.





Common sense snack bagmaker.
Why pay for bagmaking features you don’t use? Ishida Atlas 233 vertical form-fill-seal bagmaker is designed for potato chips and snacks packaged in the 80 to 120 bpm range.  Its continuous motion single sealing jaw outperforms intermittent motion bagmakers and produces tight, wrinkle-free seals for bag sizes from 3” to 13” wide and 5” to 28” long.  Atlas 233 is available in stand-alone or direct-mount models with a single tube format or nested for twin-tube applications.  Ishida bagmakers and weighers delivers the highest value for every budget. See our complete line at Snaxpo.





Modular Dust CollectionTMclears the air.
Eliminate the problems of airborne seasoning dust by capturing it at the point of application. Available only on FastBack Revolution On-Machine Seasoning systems, MDC costs about 40% less than whole-room systems and can reduce energy usage by up to 30%.






Wet ‘n Dry seasoning applicator
Spray Dynamics’ combines continuously weighed product delivery with application of liquid and dry seasonings in one versatile unit. Choose options to suit your fried, baked, and extruded products, including the new POD seasoning transfer module.






Safe powder transfer with POD.  
Automatically transfer dry seasonings, granules, and powders without hazardous lifting using our new high-capacity Powder On Demand (POD).







Apply reduced fat coatings Reduce fat content by uniformly applying water-based seasonings and coatings with Spray Dynamics’ Side Vented Coating System. This space-saving design combines powder and liquid application, gentle tumbling, continuous dust collection, and heated drying.









Ishida quality & committment for every budget. 
Choose from the industry’s widest range of snack weighers and VFFS bagmakers available for every budget. Ask H&C for the Ishida packaging solution for your products. We offer direct-mounting, integrated controls, data collection, multiple bag styles, universal parts interchangeability, low lifecycle costs, and the industry’s best technical support!







500 lb/hr potato chip batch fryer
Consumers can’t seem to get enough kettle-style potato chips.  Our MasterTherm Kettle Fryer will help you meet that demand by producing over 500 finished lbs/hr.  New features protect oil quality, reduce cleaning costs, and deliver consistent quality.






Continuously fry kettle-style potato chips.
Our Universal Product CookerTM(UPC) fries any type of kettle-style potato chip continuously, rather than in batches.  UPC also makes traditional potato chips with little or no slice washing, plus chips from plantains, multi-grain, and other ingredients, as well as selected pellet and extruded snacks.




WeighBackTMbeats weigh belts.
FastBack WeighBack is the cleaner, more accurate alternative to troublesome weigh belts. This continuous weighing conveyor features a removable weigh tray for easy cleaning and access to its load cells. User-friendly controls provide manual and auto-tare functions with clear displays of instantaneous and cumulative operating data.





CEIA 21E economical metal detection.
Packed with features to prevent errors caused by product effect, environmental interference, and moisture, CEIA’s multi-frequency 21E provides high sensitivity to all metals at a low cost.




Superior pre- and post-sale customer support

We supply the best equipment and the best service.  That includes pre-sale equipment demonstrations, process development, engineering, project management, installation, parts, service, and training.


Give us the opportunity to assist with your next project.  Heat and Control will be with you from start to future!