ProTings protein-based chips

Company: ProFormance Foods, Brooklyn, NY


Introduced: August

Distribution: Regional (in-store in CT, NJ, NY), national (online)

Suggested Retail: $1.99 for a 1-oz. bag, $3.99 for a 4-oz. bag

Product Snapshot: ProFormance Foods’ ProTings protein-based chips deliver 15 g. of protein derived from pea protein isolate per 1-oz. serving, but only have 120 calories and 7 g. of carbohydrates per serving. ProTings also contain flax seed, which are packed with nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and essential vitamins. In addition, the chips are vegan, kosher and soy-, gluten- and GMO-free. Available flavors are Chili Lime, Sea Salt and Tangy Southern BBQ.