Company: Pak Group NA


Ingredient Spotlight: With over 40 years of experience in yeast cultivation and production, Pak Group recently unveiled its new, clean label and non-GMO Bellarise® Deactivated Yeast. The latest addition to the Pasadena-based company’s new and expanding range of clean label and non-GMO products, Bellarise® Deactivated Yeast gives industrial and commercial bakeries a yeast that solves numerous challenges in the kitchen and at point-of-sale.

According to Alex Peña, Director of Product Development at Pak Group, Bellarise® Deactivated Yeast “is our newest yeast solution that helps bakers produce goods free from L-Cysteine, and adds one more essential non-GMO ingredient to their labels. Consumers are increasingly choosing healthier breads, and we need to help bakers meet that demand. With Bellarise® Deactivated Yeast we are doing exactly that. Factor in that our deactivated yeast also has a 33% longer shelf life than other leading brands; it can easily replace L-Cysteine; yields better proof times; provides strong reducing power and more concentrated glutathione for enhanced extensibility; and adds subtle notes of yeast flavor when used in modified amounts, and bakers have an incredibly versatile, reliable, and valuable tool in their arsenal.”

In addition to being non-GMO, Bellarise® Deactivated Yeast has also earned kosher status through Orthodox Union, Global Food Safety Initiative certification from the British Retail Consortium, and is Halal-certified through GIMDES.
Bellarise® Deactivated Yeast is now available for purchasing and sampling. For more details contact Bellarise® directly via their website.