Company: La Brea Bakery


Introduced: April 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99 (6.75 oz. bag)

Product Snapshot: La Brea Bakery will announce a delicious new artisan snack option made from single origin heirloom wheat. La Brea Bakery Flatbread Crisps are made with premium, flavorful ingredients like fresh herbs and distinctive spices, and twice baked to achieve the perfect crunch. The Flatbread Crisps, soon to be available nationwide in grocery and convenience stores, take snacking to a whole new level with three enticing varieties: Rosemary, Sea Salt and Smoked Paprika.

La Brea Bakery is revolutionizing the industry with the exclusive use of Fortuna Wheat grown in Big Sky Country, Montana. Last year the company proudly introduced La Brea Bakery Reserve made from single origin Fortuna Wheat as the first farm to table artisan bread to be sold in retail stores nationwide. Now, for the first time ever, consumers have a view into not only where their wheat comes from but also that it was grown responsibly. The result is an unprecedented level of transparency, quality and flavor.

“La Brea Bakery is leading the good food movement by reimagining and innovating better food. Our master bakers are no stranger to introducing delicious and authentic artisan foods to consumers across America,” said Andrew Blok, brand director for La Brea Bakery. “Made from simple, recognizable ingredients and baked with integrity, the new La Brea Bakery Flatbread Crisps are the perfect addition to our carefully crafted retail line of foods.”

La Brea Bakery Flatbread Crisps will be sold in individual 6.75 oz. bags, and will retail in grocery stores nationwide for $3.99.