Reiser announced that on March 8, more than 75 food scientists, chefs, and other industry professionals and students came together at Reiser’s Canton, Massachusetts facility for a New England Research Chefs Association educational session. Attendees toured Reiser's facility and enjoyed a series of equipment demonstrations, tastings and networking. The event was led by Susanna Tolini, executive research chef at Kayem Foods and Chair of NERCA, along with Chef Joseph Ascoli, corporate executive chef / director - Customer Center at Reiser and an RCA regional board member.

Attendees included members of NERCA, along with members of NEIFT (Northeast Section - Institute of Food Technologists), food processors from 28 New England-area companies, and students from Johnson & Wales, Framingham State University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst.

At the event, guests were inspired to see firsthand how they could develop their own special recipes and then how to successfully produce them in large quantities using Reiser equipment.

“This was one of our best attended events ever," said Susanna Tolini. “It was a great opportunity for this group to come into Reiser and learn how technology can help advance the development of their food products. Many guests commented that they were inspired by the technology and planned to test it with their own processes and products.”

The first demonstration was led by Stefan Neumann, Fleischermeister (certified master butcher) at Reiser. Neumann demonstrated the entire production process for Italian sausage. He used a Seydelmann bowl cutter to reduce and mix the pork and spices, then a Vemag Lucky Linker to link the sausages into natural casings, and finally the Vemag smokehouse for cooking.

The second demonstration was led by Joe Bohac, Production Innovation Manager at Visko Teepak. Using some of the same sausage mix from the first demonstration and a Vemag CC215 Alginate Sausage Line, Mr. Bohac showcased the many benefits of alginate sausage casings. Alginate casings are a cost-effective alternative to more expensive natural casings. Many Reiser customers have added this newer alginate casing technology to their production lines. Later in the evening, guests were able to sample and compare both styles of sausage.

Not forgetting dessert, Reiser also presented their Vemag Cookie Dough Depositor. Jeff Zeak, Bakery Technologist & Instructor at Reiser, demonstrated the Vemag as it deposited two lanes of exact-weight chocolate chip cookie dough portions. The portions were later cooked and enjoyed by all in attendance.