Company: Tagliavini

Equipment Snapshot: All of Tagliavini's ovens, distributed by Erica Record, are new to the U.S. market, as of April 2017. The models listed below all have innovations worth highlighting.

Termik Mix

  • A dual gas and electric deck oven that features both cyclothermic technology combined with an electric upper deck.
  • Key features include:
    • Cyclothermic: An innovative heating system that forces hot air throughout the raditor, providing a consistent baking temperature throughout the entire oven deck. This system also allows for relative quick temperature changes and recovery. This oven provides the same consistent baking temperatures of a classic steam tube oven without the long recovery periods.
    • Tronik (Electric) Upper Deck: Enables baking of different products at the same time. For example, large scale bread production can bake in the lower, gas fueled cyclothermic decks while custom products, pastries, pies, etc. could be baked in the upper electric deck.


  • An electric deck oven featuring completely digital controls. This oven’s innovation is in the area of reduced energy consumption, consuming up to 30% less energy than similar electric deck ovens. This is an ideal solution for facilities looking for a more environmentally friendly production solution that are using electricity as their main fuel source.
  • In addition, to energy efficiency, each deck operates independently from the other. This will enable each deck to bake different products, at different temperatures, for different periods of time, both with or without steam.


  • A unique tunnel oven solution for emerging wholesale bakeries looking to expand production capabilities.
  • The Atlas features thick L-shaped Mannesmann steam tubing pipes to deliver reliable, indirect heating. This unique system enables control of each steam tube, providing uniform heat within the entire baking chamber. Lastly, this tubing is sealed using proprietary forging techniques, similar to what is used within the aerospace industry – ensuring a long lasting, durable steam tube system.
  • The unique selling feature of this oven is its unique conveyor input. The oven can operate one of several ways: continuous feeding with loading in the front and unloading in the back, loading in the front and conveyorized (automated) unloading in the rear, or unloading from the rear with the ability for the conveyor to reverse and continue baking products with a longer bake time.
  • The advantage of this system is that no time is lost during the unloading process. Unloading can be continuous and accomplished via bins or conveyorized methods. Production never has to unstop to facilitate unloading.