Company: Zip-Pak

Packaging Snapshot: Zip-Pak, the global leader in zipper technology for flexible packaging, will debut its new Tab-Lok child-resistant resealable closure at Pack Expo 2017. Brand owners, converters, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and co-packers will also see the full range of proven Zip-Pak resealable technologies. Visit Zip-Pak at Pack Expo in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, September 25-27 at Booth C-4014.

Tab-Lok is a new Zip-Pak child-resistant reclosure for the flexible packaging industry which recently obtained Conformity of Packaging according to both US 16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317 standards from IVM-childsafe. This designates it an accredited child-resistant resealable solution throughout the United States and Europe.

Tab-Lok is a solution that is cost-effective and easily integrates into a customer’s current manufacturing operations, without significant changes to equipment or capital investment.

Tab-Lok offers a unique press to close solution streamlining the opening process that is unlike the multi-step slider options currently on the market. The key differentiator of Tab-Lok, as the name implies, is the unique tab mechanism used to open and access the package contents. The zipper profile features a small tab that the consumer utilizes to open the zipper during first and subsequent uses of the package. Although the unique tabbed profile provides deterrence for younger children, it’s proven to provide easy accessibility for older consumers often challenged by child-resistant packaging.

 “Tab-Lok enables many products traditionally available only in rigid containers to now consider flexible packaging as a viable and compliant alternative,” commented James Cooley, national sales manager for Zip-Pak, and project manager for the Tab-Lok initiative. “Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are good examples. Whether a consumer requires 10, 20, or 50 capsules, often the same sized rigid package is used to accommodate all quantities. A flexible child-resistant option opens the door to packaging that can be customized to a specific quantity.” He added, “Detergent pods and other potentially dangerous home and garden products would also be great candidates for Tab-Lok.”

In addition to Tab-Lok, Zip-Pak is nearing introduction of another unique child-resistant resealable design that incorporates a slider. Visitors to Zip-Pak’s Pack Expo booth can preview this exclusive prototype. Zip-Pak anticipates that this new closure will be commercially available by end of 2017.