Company: Zip-Pak


Packaging Snapshot: Zip-Pak is debuting two new innovations at Pack Expo 2018, booth N-5729 from October 14-17. Both innovations, Safety-Lok and ValvPak are the result of the in-depth research and leading-edge ingenuity of the company’s Engineering and Development Innovation Center.

Safety-Lok, the new Zip-Pak child-resistant slider zipper premiering at Pack Expo, utilizes Zip-Pak innovative slider technology designed to help keep children safe from harmful products. Featuring an intuitive one-step opening mechanism, it provides deterrence for children, yet convenient access for the intended consumer. A key differentiator of Safety-Lok Child Resistant Slider is the proprietary clip mechanism allowing the package to be opened from any position with a light squeeze, creating a wide-mouth opening for easy access to package contents. Safety-Lok Child Resistant Slider is compliant with CFR and ISO standards.

Also being showcased at Pack Expo for the first time is ValvPak, a product launch which marks Zip-Pak’s entry into the liquids category. This revolutionary patented flexible valve technology provides controlled dispensing and spill-proof containment of liquids in flexible packaging. It’s a discrete flexible valve that yields when pressure is applied to a pouch’s product compartment enabling controlled dispensing. When squeeze-pressure is released, the valve reoccupies and closes the dispensing channel.

Compared to a rigid bottle or a pouch with a plastic cap or closure, ValvPak offers cost and sustainability advantages, and is an ecommerce-ready solution that doesn’t require any overwraps or extra packaging. Brands looking to differentiate and introduce unique, consumer-valued functionality to their packaging should check out ValvPak.

“The Zip-Pak Child Resistant Safety-Lok and the ValvPak flexible valve are two innovative solutions that perfectly align with consumer trends and needs,” explained Erin Henry, global director of innovation and marketing for Zip-Pak. “Each new product is designed to meet specific consumer usage needs, while also delivering quality and efficiency to brand owners, converters and co-manufacturers. We are confident these reclosure solutions will enable our brand partners to market innovative packages that will attract and delight their consumers,” Henry concludes.

Visitors can also experience the full range of proven Zip-Pak resealable technologies at Pack Expo 2018, booth N-5729 from October 14-17. Additional highlighted innovations include:

  • Fragrance-Zip: Fragrance-Zip is designed to emit a customized aroma upon initial and subsequent openings of a flexible resealable package. The scent is embedded in the reclosure during the manufacturing process. Through a close partnership with several fragrance companies, Zip-Pak has the ability to duplicate virtually any desired aroma, enabling a package to replicate the scent whenever opened. This versatile fragrance technology may be incorporated into several packaging styles.
  • ZIP360: The ZIP360 package format features a single length of zipper that runs 360 degrees around the perimeter of the pouch with no seals required at either end, such as on conventional zippered bags. This is accomplished through the use of Zip-Pak’s Vector resealable matrix zipper that is engineered to seal to itself, thus eliminating the need for conventional male and female strands. The ZIP360 format has a markedly wider opening and provides consumers with greatly increased product access, as well as enhanced pourability.