Cargill has advocated for open, fair trade for decades. To continue engaging Cargill employees and communities around this important topic, the company today launched FedByTrade, a resource designed to explain, through relatable stories, the pivotal role trade plays in feeding the world.

“At Cargill, we know the vital role trade plays in nourishing the global population, which is expected to reach almost 10 billion by 2050. Trade is how we move food from where it is produced to where and when it is needed most—across countries, continents and oceans,” said David MacLennan, Cargill chairman and CEO.

“FedByTrade provides a resource for all Cargill stakeholders to engage around the importance of trade—to our mission, job creation and the prosperity of our communities.

At its core, trade is about allowing nations to reach across borders to obtain food, goods, services, new technologies and other resources they need to prosper. The world benefits from an open, honest and fair system of trade. FedByTrade serves as a resource for Cargill to explore and share the wide range of trade benefits.

“Trade is frequently in news headlines, but truly understanding international trade and its impact on our lives can be a complex, daunting task,” said Devry Boughner Vorwerk, Cargill corporate vice president. “Cargill is committed to leading discussions in support of trade, which starts inside Cargill and expands to engage all the communities where we work and live. FedByTrade is meant to engage our employees, our customers, our suppliers and consumers alike in joining us as advocates and activists for trade.

FedByTrade features trade-related content from Cargill, its employees and the industry. Sections on the site are designed to share:

  • The ways open trade allows nations to reach across borders to obtain goods, services, new technologies and other resources—especially when they cannot obtain them internally.
  • The correlation between trade and job creation.
  • Cargill’s mission to feed a hungry world, and how an open trading system connects all members of the world community to provide a dependable, affordable and nutritious food supply.
  • Actions employees and consumers can take around the topic of trade, becoming ambassadors in their local communities.
  • Personal stories about trade’s impact on their lives and the global connections created by trade.