Ever-committed to preserving and giving back to the community, Bimbo Bakeries USA announced that it donated a total of more than 27 million pounds of food to organizations across the country in 2017. Notable donations, events and efforts in 2017 include partnerships Feeding America, Tyson, Walmart, the Please Touch Museum, WMMR’s Camp Out for Hunger, Project Hero and other community organizations across the country.


  • Feeding America
    • Bimbo Bakeries USA and Feeding America have enjoyed a long partnership, focused on providing food and funding to markets across the United States.
    • In 2017, as a part of the Feeding America Grant Program, Bimbo Bakeries USA donated more than $100,000 to food banks to use for various programs.
    • Additionally, in coordination with Tyson Foods, Bimbo Bakeries USA donated over 5.5 million pounds of food to food banks in Sacramento, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Cincinnati, OH; Fayetteville, AR; Medford, OR; and Durango, CO.
  • Good Neighborhood Projects
    • Each year, every Bimbo Bakeries USA plant receives $5,000 to put toward a project of its choosing to benefit the local neighborhood. With 40 neighborhood projects completed this year, Bimbo Bakeries USA was thrilled to contribute to preschools, hospices, schools, community gardens and more. One Good Neighborhood project included Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon, who worked with Bimbo Bakeries USA in conjunction with his organization, Hazelton Integration Project, to connect different cultures in Hazelton, PA to strengthen town unity and reduce violence.  
  • Tyson’s Meals that Matter
    • In July 2017, Bimbo Bakeries USA partnered with Tyson to participate in its Meals That Matter program. The program mobilizes food resources necessary to help those in areas where disasters have stricken.
    • Bimbo Bakeries USA donated almost 100,000 pounds of baked goods that the response teams need for the relief efforts.
    • In addition, Bimbo Bakeries USA associates were on-hand volunteering their time to cook and serve those who were affected.
  • WMMR’s Camp Out for Hunger
    • Bimbo Bakeries USA sponsored the broadcast tent during the 20th annual Preston and Steve Camp Out for Hunger Event in November 2017.
    • In addition, Bimbo Bakeries USA donated over 6,500 pounds of food to the event. In total, the Camp Out for Hunger event collected more than 1.6 million pounds of food and $272,683 – which equates to more than 2.2 million meals.
  • Please Touch Museum
    • In December 2017, Bimbo Bakeries USA sponsored two new exhibits for the Please Touch Museum’s interactive gallery, “Healthy Me, Healthy Family, Healthy Community.”
      • These exhibits, which included the Bimbo Bakeries USA Bistro and Boboli Pizza Kitchen, are part of the museum’s larger initiative to help teach children about the importance of healthy living and financial literacy.


In addition to individual events and efforts, Bimbo Bakeries USA was proud to donate more than $100,000 to disaster relief across the nation following devastating hurricanes and other natural disasters. Bimbo Bakeries USA also supported a number of other local community efforts nationwide. For the first time, they were a sponsor of the Honor Ride, a non-competitive cycling event across the country to honor U.S. veterans and benefit Project Hero. Looking ahead, the company will continue striving to be a good neighbor through volunteer efforts and donations, and contribute to the development of our communities throughout 2018 and beyond.