Company: PMI Cartoning, Inc.


Equipment Snapshot: Operators can now load cartons more efficiently and safely when working on contract packaging and high-production CPG packaging lines with the new low-profile carton and case magazine from PMI Cartoning, Inc.

The machine features an ergonomic design that eliminates that need to reach-up or use a ladder to load cartons or cases, and ultimately improves worker safety. After cartons or cases are manually loaded into the magazine—now conveniently placed at waist-level—the machine automatically loads the cartons and cases into the feeder. This eliminates the need to repeatedly reach-up or carry heavier cartons and cases on a ladder, up into the feeder like traditional machines.

The low-profile carton and case magazine improves efficiency since it can be loaded and operated with one worker. In addition, cartons and cases can be quickly reloaded while the machine is running, ensuring consistent and continuous production.

Available for cartons, cases and sleeves of any size, the low-profile carton and case magazine can run larger case sizes with ease, optimizes operations with efficient and safe loading and features precise, reliable feed-up.