AB Enzymes celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and its story actually started in 1957.


The VERON success story started in 1957, when AB Enzymes registered the brand VERON and introduced the first microbial enzyme for the milling industry to offer a standardized and economical alternative to malt flour. In 1973, it discovered and launched the first fungal xylanases for the emerging baking ingredients industry.

It patented a novel analytical method as a tool to assist millers in adjusting their flours to the optimum amount of fungal alpha-amylase in 1980. As a result of its commitment to the baking ingredients industry, it extended our production platforms to introduce the world’s first patented bacterial xylanase in 1993, to fulfill the increased technical requirements of the market.


AB Enzymes offer a comprehensive portfolio of enzymatic solutions for a versatile range of applications from wheat to rye, biscuits to pasta, and wholegrain flour systems. It fulfills growing customer demands and overcome the associated challenges for today’s baking ingredients industry and bakers.

Our global baking enzyme product range was complemented with our two youngest products, powered by the new production platform “Trichoderma”, in 2017. VERON Hyperbake-ST has excellent application performance for cost-effective, emulsifier-free improvers, and VERON Oxibake-ST enables the substitution of specific types of oxidizing agents and supports the baking process.


The complexity of the baking world is rapidly increasing, bringing with it endless possibilities of combinations to turn single ingredients into complex and perfect baking products. Regardless of its complexity, enzymes will play a major role in the solution.

AB Enzymes will continue what it started 60 years ago and carry on as the reliable and discrete partner, creating innovative enzymatic solutions together with the baking ingredients industry. The combination of a well-balanced, innovative portfolio that addresses key issues, increased manufacturing capability, and a global network of experts and experienced sales personnel enables the company to help its customers run their business.

The company's 60 years’ experience and extensive scientific understanding of what enzymes can do for your business will help it to continue promoting The ART of Enzymes.